Wednesday, May 1, 2024

#4 reasons to love Jamaica

31. Fun Dance Moves

We can make anything into a dance! Some skilful, some humourous, all contagious.

32. We Mannaz-able 

I’ve noticed that strangers abroad don’t readily casually greet you as they do here.

33. Expletives

Colourful, to say the least. To whom it may apply, they seem to roll off the tongue better than the usual curse words.

34. We Have Fun...always 

We can make the best out of any situation, if we feel like it.

35. Always Have A Vibe       

We know how to enjoy ourselves and spread the vibe to others.

36. Bashment   

Whether it’s a birthday or a funeral, you’ll probably not find one as ‘vibesy’ as ours.

37. Proverbs

Relatable and empowering, and some are even humourous.

38. Bad wi bad!     

You can’t help but feel pride and some invincibility when you say “Ah Jamaica mi come from!” followed by fluent patois (pat-wa).

39. Diversity 

There are various places that allow you to indulge in another culture, via food, languages, leisure activities, or artistic form.

40. Driving Skills   

If you can drive here, you can drive anywhere.

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