Sunday, December 10, 2023

The celebration of you


Doing what you love is freedom; loving what you do is happiness. What can you create that adds value to a community? Whether it is personal, professional, charity or hobby relationships, the keys to continuing those relationships are communication and negotiation.  Being human, our egos play a huge part in how we resolve issues; Afterall, everything has an economic or political component. When one understands that, valuing your self-worth will not be an issue for making the right choice.

The selection of one thing over another is originality and brings the spotlight on your concerns. Being influenced by another idea is ok but don’t make that your complete persona; furthermore, everyone else is taken so embrace your unique spin to the situation. One way to get the spotlight on your agenda is generosity aka Karma.

Give to get is energy and the universe operates in checks and balances.  The entrepreneurs Gary Vee has a book title called: “Jab, Jab right hook” where he practices the art of giving and look how successful he has become. Give but set up boundaries because some people are takers and do not understand the law of reciprocity.

Now that you have established the dos and don’ts become empathic in your surroundings, learn the needs of an audience, so that a common touch can be established and a level of trust has been created. This is how value recognized. If I bring this to the table, you will get that. Entrepreneurs, pay attention to your surroundings.