Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A New Jamaica

Written by Hansen Von Shneir

Now comes a new era for Jamaica, under the stewardship of the Peoples’ National Party.  Transformation in Jamaica is about leadership, but can we expect anything new under the sun if we continue choosing leadership from the same old stock of career politicians?

Only the next generation can contribute towards this renaissance we so badly desire.   It’s time to commit to educating our young people in critical thinking and ethical service, values that will be crucial for the nation-building that lies ahead.

Jamaican Diaspora, will we continue to sit isolated and insulated in our little think-tanks and talk-shops, engaged in endless, idle chatter, trying to piece together the jigsaw images of the Jamaica of yesterday, relishing the past but having no real hope for the future of our homeland?  Where will we go when we feel the need to return home?

Nevertheless, We who are not yet willing to give up on Jamaica must find the courage to mobilize around our elected leaders, and in support of any approach that may empower our people; including greater synergy and partnerships with the Jamaica Diaspora.  In her role at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Minister Marlene Malahoo-Forte showed great prospects in re-engaging the Diaspora community.  We are hopeful that her replacement will be someone with similar qualities and inherent characteristics.  Ms. Lisa Hanna would be an excellent choice.

 I look forward to continuing our dialogue in 2012. And remember, your participation is still needed required with 2012 - Jamaica Matters  Compilation Project.  Stay up-to-date on: