Friday, January 2, 2009


Written by John Anthony

What kind of man is Prime Minister Bruce Golding? What drives him? What are his strengths and weaknesses? Here we reveal information never before read anywhere in annals of Jamaican history and politics.


Bruce Golding is a honest and straightforward man. This straightforwardness gets him in trouble often especially when he gets emotional and strays from his written speeches. This man should rehearse and rehearse answers to potential questions or his straightforwardness will continue to get him in trouble. He needs a speech writer yesterday and should refrain from the temptation to stray from his written speeches. His straightforwardness makes him unwilling to acknowledge mistakes and change course even after it seems obvious that he is alone . Sometimes others care not so much about being correct as they care about being acknowledged. Negotiators with this man need to be aware of this trait and never tell him bluntly that he is wrong. When he speaks without anger or resentment his words compel attention and reformation and are extremely powerful.

He is apt to jump to conclusions without considering all the relevant factors and full consequences and difficulties.. This is a blunt and outspoken man often unwilling to wait for the proper times and seasons and desire to rush through every piece of work as soon as it presents itself. An unfinished task is almost like a disease to him and he often rushes ahead too quickly as in the case of the EPA agreement. He is right overall on the EPA in that we must learn to compete but he is wrong on not examining the fine details. The way to out-manoeuver this man in negotiations is to steers him away from his own insights to analysis and to get him to become emotional. The other strategy is to include ultra-fine details and clauses in contracts and agreements. When he becomes emotional he often makes wrong choices.


Here is one of the greatest secrets of the Prime Minister. He has visions and hear things he is afraid of telling normal humans about. His mind reaches out far beyond the present and he has the ability to see the future by his understanding of current events. Of course, since he has never been trained in the art and science of divination he feels like a round man in a square hole!

The powers of intuition that lie latent within this man are enormous rivalling that of even so-called psychics.Intuition (knowledge) - understanding without apparent effort, quick and ready insight seemingly independent of previous experiences or empirical knowledge.

If he relied more on this great gift instead of on partisan emotions, and the influence of charitable endeavours,he would shock the nation with his uncanny gift at being correct. Frankly, his radio show is an attempt, unknowingly, to bring some of this much needed insight to the common man. Callers to this show should ask him what he feels, not what he knows!

He rarely makes mistakes when he follows his own inspirations but is sure to be led astray when he seeks the advice of yes men. This gift shockingly seems at odds with his outbursts and unscripted statements but these come not from inspiration but from angry partisan instincts. He is quick to foresee events and is sure he is correct. If he can differentiate between his inspirations and emotions he will make accurate decisions and changes never before made in the history of Jamaica. Great prophets learn to differentiate between their inspirations and their emotions.


To say that Golding is filled with energy is an understatement. He is a source of energy, outgoing and loves to be on the move. Actually he would much rather be hiking outdoors rather than sitting in the parliament. His carefree adventuresome nature can be refreshing. This is a man who loves to travel and l-ov-e-s to be on the move. For one who loves freedom so much, it seems odd that he would want to detain innocent persons, called crime suspects, for 60 days but his inability to bear to see others suffer will cause him to propose unwise actions. He should never make decisions under such duress. This man should watch his generosity and goodness as others will quickly take advantage of him. Emergencies bring out the best in him and he can become timid and afraid when there is no need for action or quick thought. He is a money generator too!


Bruce has the tendency to fly to pieces over even small matters, is quick to anger, combative and determined to have his own way. He can be unreasonable in his desire to help those he loves, zealous and over-sanguine in whatever he underrtakes. He also should watch the temptation to sacrifice health and good nature in his determination to finish what he initiates. The bluntless of this man is the cause of much unnecessary suffering to others and the truth of his words must not be used as an excuse to domineer others. He should learn to be gentle in speech and to give out the truth with discrimination. He should teach himself to forgive and forget. Bruce can expect too much of others, quick to observe, to plan and to do and make small allowance for those less gifted.

He should cultivate calmness and purpose and think well and in silence, drawing on his inspirational giftings before making important decisions. Golding is not concerned with details and should not lead negotiations especially where contracts are involved. This makes him especially unsuited for the EPA negotiations and he will never understand the details therein.


Call it luck if you want; but the universe is on the side of this man. The beneficient universe loves to send him help which often appears at the 11th hour and luck will even help him at winning games of chance and lotteries. especially when he is close to his last dollar.


Prime Minister Golding must have set times alone where he processes his intense feelings. He needs a space at home for himself to maintain his sense of self-control and must not be disturbed. His close circle of friends must be selected carefully; he has too many.