Monday, August 2, 2021

The Feedback



                Why is feedback important? For aspiring entrepreneurs, this is the lifeblood for your idea. How else would one know if your idea will appeal to your potential customer? When tapping a niche, information is your friend. Whether you think this is fair or unfair, the feedback is your friend and stands behind leadership decisions. When you learn about the public’s needs and desire, keep moving forward and don’t undervalue what was observed. Here are some gems for decision making:

1.       Be open to the idea of being wrong. Perfection is poison, so make room for improvement.

2.       Stop pointing fingers and pull the thumb. It is not about who is right or wrong but how we can fix things.

3.       When we have real talk in real time, actions produces change.

4.       Comparison is the theft of joy. It is not about the other person but how will you face reality and consider what is plausible.

5.       Don’t settle but have goals that are measurable in progress. Having a goal without a why is pointless to your agenda.