Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Strategies for your brand

Why is a brand important? What are the elements that should be contained in a good brand? The brand should have touch points with its customer. This means a way to communicate. I.e. social media, business images or websites In other words, what is connecting you to the intended audience? The tone should be consistent and come together to form one point. A brand could be a product but it can also be a person’s resume.

Today most companies require an email resume from the applicant; this is a form of branding. Before hitting that send button, remember that your email address is the 1st impression.
·         Do not use novelty email address such as qutipie@gmail.com.
·         Do not use a work related address of your current employer. This is in poor taste plus the potential employer will see that you lack loyalty to your present job.

The resume should answer:
·         Who is the community? By employing you, how will that niche group be impacted?
·         What selling proposition? Why should they hire you over others? Be specific and stand out from your peers.
·         What do you want the HR person to feel? Put that at the top and don’t use buzz words.
·         Create a call to action. Tell the company you want the job.