Tuesday, May 1, 2018

7 steps to Jamwood Creation

Why isn’t the Jamaican film industry organized? We have the talent, great location and ingenuity. Jamaicans are on every continent, so take the skills you have acquired at your new residence and let’s become a force to create an empire of our own. What can we do to be organized?

1.    Have Jamaican producers and directors coalesce to the vision.
2.    Hire Jamaican actors that act outside of the stereotypical roles.
3.    Employ the best Jamaican authors and screenplay writers.
4.    Create Jamaican awards and award show to stimulate pride and creativity.
5.    Create and control film distribution mediums.
6.    Construct movie theatre and chains and hire Jamaican architects and engineers.
7.    Design a percentage of the ticket sales revenue to help HBCUs and Universities in Jamaica.