Monday, December 2, 2019

How can you create wealth?

What is wealth? Is it a salary? Is it an income? From an economics perspective it is all things that have a monetary or exchange value, as well as anything that has utility and is capable of being appropriated or exchanged. Many people wonder what the best way to attain wealth. Well, here are some ways to acquire it:

1.       Have a sound framework on what are your interests.
2.       Own a few high quality business
3.       Use other people’s money prudently
4.       Have a long term investment strategy

They are other types of wealth such as health, good family and true friends. They don’t have a monitory price but just as valuable. To maintain or obtain those intangibles, keep the following in mind:

1.       Time is valuable, use it wisely
2.       Integrity is everything
3.       Physical presence carries more weight than a phone call or an email
4.       Be humane; treat others how you want to be treated for bad karma will visit you.

Friday, November 1, 2019

A Leaders View

Good leaders are able to asses a situation and foreshadow its future. They take what is in from of them and create a blueprint that will enable them to stay relevant.  All organizations have a leader; whether it is home, school, work one person has to set the agenda for the group’s survival. Are you up to the task? All leaders must consider the following:
TTime                                                                                                                                                                   It maximizes production and minimizes stress.
2.       People                                                                                                                                                          They use people’s talent effectively under proper supervision
3.       Money                                                                                                                                                           use as a tool not as a weapon bill have to be paid and goals can be accomplished
4.       Pronoun                                                                                                                                                       This is the difference between manger and leaders. There is no I in we; remember to use we, us and ours.
5.       Meetings                                                                                                                                                   Make sure it has a purpose and agenda or else there will be no incentive to attend the future ones.
6.       Networking                                                                                                                                                  This strengthens the organizations ecosystem. You learn from others, for no one is an island.
7.       Vision                                                                                                                                                              Tie the past position to the future. You can mark accomplishment based on how far you have come to where you are going.
8.       Teams                                                                                                                                                          Give some power and authority to others in the group, so they feel their presence is valued.
9.       Transparency                                                                                                                                                   For a group to survive, integrity is everything. It should be real time, real talk to issues and no surprises.

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Awaken the entrepreneur within

Are you getting tired of your 9-5? Ever dream about being your own boss? If so, then you must begin to develop a boss mindset. A blueprint will lead you in that direction. Remember this is an inside job that will lead to outside actions. Practice these things on a regular basis:

1.     Invest as much as you can in training education and knowledge. Libraries and the internet offers free classes.

2.     Have faith and belief in yourself becoming successful.

3.     Examine your surroundings. Who supports you when you share your dream verses who puts you down. Minimalize your interaction with the person putting you down. They are a vexation to your spirit and progress.

4.     Meditate 10- 20 minutes daily. Everything starts in the mind. See it to achieve it.
Money gives you choices. This does not make you a bad person for looking out for number #1. However, morality and integrity must always be a part of your decision. Your purpose for providing a product or service should fulfill a need. This will be the catalyst to bring it into being and encourage productivity. Always do things that will push you forward positively.

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

How to be the star of your own show

Choose your own self and love yourself! Why are you waiting for the approval of others? Many defaults are in place and you may not be aware of what is happening around you. You did not return the call because on a subconscious level that person is not benefiting you politically or economically. You did intentionally forget.

 Become conscious by asking yourself what is the vision you have for your life. If you are tired of the 9-5, create something. Why did you make the choices you made and what are the ramifications? Not making a decision is a choice. Make money via a skill or trade that you enjoy. It may not be your main source of income but side hustles can be viewed as play and not work. If you have no idea on what a side hustle can be, considers these popular trends:

1.       Become a  media and online advertiser

2.       Establish a clothing brand for a specific niche. Remember the ideal age  to target are between 13-35 year old

3.       Create tutoring shows on You Tube.
There is one constant and that is the truth. Your world is all in your hands.

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Embrace your place at the helm

The year may have begun with a bang. It was filled with promises such as I am going to make it to the gym as a regular part of my weekly routine. For a while that was the case but that lasted only for a while. Remember it’s not now your start but how you finish. Here are a few ways to hit the reset button:

1.       Take on some me time. No matter what commitments you have to others, you must take a breather.

2.       Run-through declarations of bright. Showing appreciation gives you a chance to improve how you speak about inspiration and acknowledge people who have made a favorable mark in your life. By showing how grateful you are will let your supporters know they are not being taken for granted.

3.       Place the phone on voice mail mode. Unfortunately, people interaction is becoming more social media rather than one on one facetime.  The human touch or eye to eye contact still carries more weight than a quick text.

4.       Create a spark. Don’t let self-care be just a buzz word. Truly reclaim it for real happiness. Create boundaries for if you don’t, what will be left for you? Rest and retreat is a must. Attend yoga classes or get regular messages. Also, meditation will settle you for the hectic events that will come your way.

Monday, July 1, 2019


 by Anthony Jules

In the Blackness

As we reclined together

I heard your whisper

Take the breath from my lips

And let us breathe as one

If only for a night

Let time Stand still

Let it wait to be summoned

By the future

But for us, now

Only the present matter

In the Blackness

You’ll find my light

It shines

Just for you

Monday, June 3, 2019

Forward Thinking

Be firm with me and I will lay the world at your feet. Be easy with me and I will ruin all. What am I? I am a habit!
-Roberto Blake-

Many of the established not for profits groups are run by the older generations and this is a good thing for they can give wisdom and insight but it can also be a hindrance. To my surprise when I was in the middle of creating an online directory for the community, I was shocked to find out that some of the not for profits did not have a website or a social media presence; therefore,  I went on a mission to find out why. It was – habit. Many were still using standard mail and phone calls to promote their events; the concept of Eventbrite was unknown or discouraged.
I did attend some of their events and as suspected, they had mostly older people in the audience.  Nothing is wrong with that but how can an organization remain relevant for the next generation without creating incentives to have them in attendance to these cultural events? Why is everybody protecting their turf but not including gen x,y and z? I am not disrespecting my elders but one cannot move forward by maintaining old habits. New ecosystems will have to be created in order to attract a younger crowd.
Here are some recommendations:

1.       Don’t feel threatened with new ways of communicating. Young people are attached to their phones and that is the way to get their attention. Use social media and create websites.

2.       Have relevant performers at the events. Yes, the vintage ones can be perform but have some current artist perform as well.

3.       Don’t hate on younger people with fresh ideas invite them to join the boards or involved in the planning committee. In other words: no poison mouth, bad mind or red eyes. The youth bring something to the table, which will keep your organization alive.

4.       Know your worth. Complement and don’t compete; this is the best expansion concept one could ever move towards for your legacy depends on it.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Out of many one people

Written by Christena Williams

Beat the Congo Blow the horn Wave your hand

Out of many one people what a vibration in a this little island

Even though we can’t live as one But when a party time we unite nuh matter the culture (it doesn’t) 

we a full joy we self you have Rasta talking

Christians praying Bay song playing (in the context Bay means a lot) Smiles on everybody faces out 

many one people so come the Chinese, British, Syrians, Americans, Indians Every Caribbean and 

rest of the world Come to Jamaica And feel alright

Listen some Bob don’t carry no jewelry because you will get rob But come and eat have a feast

Enjoy we beach entertainment energy a shot Dink a cold beer

Relax under the coconut tree Feel free

We have jerk chicken and curry goat festival, rice, bammy Fry and steam fish

Come enjoy we cultural dish Food galore

Go back a your country tell every boy and girl Say Jamaica nice we know say crime and violence 

Corruption A plague but don’t let that stop you Cause everybody welcome Nuh matter taste (It 


Come in a haste cause we have a celebration Jam dung vibration me a tell the politician

Say me a send out a special invitation but first we yard need renovation Build up Jamaica

And education cause we live in a paradise Black, green and gold we proud and bold

As we motto say out of many one people.

Monday, April 1, 2019

Side Hustle

What is a side hustle? It’s extra income coming in apart from your regular paycheck.  So why do you need a side hustle? You could go to work on Monday and the boss terminates you or s/he lets you know the company is bankrupt. Now what?

The side hustle can keep you afloat until you create a new chapter for employment. All you need is a smart phone, access to a computer and a pay pal account. In Jamaica, they say “one one coco fills a basket”. Try one; try all. Here are some links for you to consider:

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Why does my major benefit the Jamaican community?

“Eternal Father, bless our land… Justice, truth be ours forever Jamaica land we love.”
The above quotation is an excerpt  from our national anthem. It highlights some of Jamaica’s main focuses as a country. One recognizes that amongst the things being sought for justice is one which is explicitly sought for eternally. This raises the question, “how can we ensure that justice is embedded in the country?” This is achievable through a fully functional and efficient justice system that one matriculates to through legal means.

I currently study law at the University of the West Indies, Mona campus where I will further need to study at the Norman Manley law school to become a successful attorney and practice law in Jamaica. Law is generally rules that ensure order, structure  and good governance of a society. It is therefore imperative that they are properly enforced, understood and interpreted and that is where my Bachelor of Laws functions beneficially to the Jamaican justice system and by extension the society. 

Laws in Jamaica are chiefly found in the constitution and they are legally worded meaning the ‘average man’ may not be able to take up these constitutions or case laws and be completely clear as to the state of the law. These laws usually encompass the lives, assets and safety of our Jamaican people thus it is important that they are handled by individuals who have expertise in such areas and with great care. This expertise arises from an in depth study of  my major.  Following a legal dispute, it is up to the lawyers and judges to argue matters concerning the law and to decide the best possible outcome taking into context during times of ambiguity; the intent of the law to ensure the running of an effective society.  Imagine being innocent and accused of murder and brought to trial and being represented by an incompetent individual resulting in you spending time behind bars that you did not deserve. How unfortunate would that be?  

Additionally, my major ensures that government officials and organizations that wield power do you act outside of their capacity or violate the rights of our Jamaican people. During a time where there is a mass focus on human rights across the world, my major  ensures that our rights as a people are not being infringed upon by those who ought to protect it and in cases when it is that we act in a capacity resulting in justice being met. This would require appearances before the court and in majority of court cases a lawyer will be needed to sufficiently guide you through the process. Going into a courtroom without legal representation is similar to going into a war with weapons. In like manner chances would be that one may lose the battle which no one would want.

Conclusively, my major acts to serve the people of Jamaica in that it converts legal terminologies into understandable layman terms, it ensures that a due process is followed for justice with adequate knowledge of the subject matter and also that the rights of our people are not infringed upon but are actively fought for.

To contact Monique:

Go Fund Me

Epitome of Strength

Epitome of Strength

Mailing address
12 Upper King Street Montego Bay Jamaica West Indies

Friday, February 1, 2019

Loving the best of me

As the saying goes, “never internalize anyone’s disrespect”.  This is the 1st sign of self-love. What is your value? It can never come from someone else. This is an inside job. If you are not sure how to do this, read following and use these rules as guideline for that journey.

1.       Ask yourself what do you bring to the table. Are your marketable skills up to date? This will determine if you get that phone call or email.

2.       If you get terminated, do you have a plan B. Don’t depend on anyone to support you. Maybe you have a rich spouse, inherit some money but that could dry up. Your two hands are what will save and support you.

3.       Always have the ability to relocate. Jamaicans in the diaspora decided that living in Jamaica is not the only option for economic survival. Traveling also introduce you to multiple perspectives.

4.       Develop credible relationships. Should you find yourself looking for a job, good references are needed.

5.       What bad habit do you need to discontinue? As human beings, we call have vices but sometimes this can become a major hindrance.

6.       Always evaluate your current circumstances at least one a year. Ask yourself why you are here in this situation. What is the rate of return and does it impact your integrity. This will determine if you stay, leave or make adjustments.

7.       Does my current circumstance provide a vertical or horizontal opportunity?

8.       Does my current environment permit me to elevate.

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Don’t wait for an opportunity; create one!

It’s not what people say about you that matters, it’s what you say about yourself. In most cases, there is an economic or political component to the relationship. Positivity is created by your outlook; therefore, say these affirmations on a regular basis:
1. I am courageous.
2. I am unstoppable.
3. I am victorious.
4. I am love.
5. I am blessed.
6. I am gifted.
7. I am anointed.
8. I am successful.
9. I am healed.
10. I am healthy.
11. I am beautiful.
12. I am whole.
13. I am confident.
14. I am forgiving.
15. I am grateful.
16. I am generous.
17. I am strong.
18. I am focused.
19. I am able.
20. I am powerful.
21. I am fruitful.
22. I am God’s masterpiece!