Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Don’t wait for an opportunity; create one!

It’s not what people say about you that matters, it’s what you say about yourself. In most cases, there is an economic or political component to the relationship. Positivity is created by your outlook; therefore, say these affirmations on a regular basis:
1. I am courageous.
2. I am unstoppable.
3. I am victorious.
4. I am love.
5. I am blessed.
6. I am gifted.
7. I am anointed.
8. I am successful.
9. I am healed.
10. I am healthy.
11. I am beautiful.
12. I am whole.
13. I am confident.
14. I am forgiving.
15. I am grateful.
16. I am generous.
17. I am strong.
18. I am focused.
19. I am able.
20. I am powerful.
21. I am fruitful.
22. I am God’s masterpiece!