Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Green Island Primary

The Green Island Primary School is located in Green Island, Hanover a small district forty five minutes west of the Donald Sangster International airport.  The school was built in 1920 to accommodate the district’s children. Soon after the population started growing and an additional building was erected.  Sometime in 2013 the original building was leaking and help was sought from the ministry of education which provided a tarp. 

The school's capacity had exceeded all the buildings and Mr. Vacianna Moseley principal sought help from Food For The Poor along with COUPLES Hotel who joined and gave the school two new two story buildings.  This was ten new classrooms.  Except for one second grade class everyone has their own room. There are approximately five hundred and eighty three to six hundred children on any given day.

 There is a lot of poverty in the district as most people depend on the tourist industry for work. I find that when children do not come to school there is always a situation with finances.  The school has in place a program to provide every child who cannot afford to buy lunch a free hot meal.  It seems to be helping as more children are coming to school more than they used to.

The school has grown so much and is now the school of choice for many families as the increase in better High school placement increases.  There is a group of dedicated teachers who are all working toward one goal "The Children's Education." Under Mr. Moseley the school has outmatched most of the others around it.  It is also easier for a parent to see the principal as he is an easy to talk to person who helps the teachers and parents alike with their daily issues.  Green Island Primary is an up and coming school.