Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Out of many one people

Written by Christena Williams

Beat the Congo Blow the horn Wave your hand

Out of many one people what a vibration in a this little island

Even though we can’t live as one But when a party time we unite nuh matter the culture (it doesn’t) 

we a full joy we self you have Rasta talking

Christians praying Bay song playing (in the context Bay means a lot) Smiles on everybody faces out 

many one people so come the Chinese, British, Syrians, Americans, Indians Every Caribbean and 

rest of the world Come to Jamaica And feel alright

Listen some Bob don’t carry no jewelry because you will get rob But come and eat have a feast

Enjoy we beach entertainment energy a shot Dink a cold beer

Relax under the coconut tree Feel free

We have jerk chicken and curry goat festival, rice, bammy Fry and steam fish

Come enjoy we cultural dish Food galore

Go back a your country tell every boy and girl Say Jamaica nice we know say crime and violence 

Corruption A plague but don’t let that stop you Cause everybody welcome Nuh matter taste (It 


Come in a haste cause we have a celebration Jam dung vibration me a tell the politician

Say me a send out a special invitation but first we yard need renovation Build up Jamaica

And education cause we live in a paradise Black, green and gold we proud and bold

As we motto say out of many one people.