Thursday, June 1, 2017

Entrepreneur: Machiavellian Style

There is a reason why a pamphlet that was written in 1400 is still relevant today: it works. How you obtain and keep stays the same. Only the characters are different. All leaders read the book and memorize its tactics. Entrepreneurs are natural leaders and should pay attention to how your product or service will remain viable.

1.       Be a leader. Never walk in someone’s shadow. Whether it is an overbearing parent or ego driven boss, move from under their shadow in a timely manner. If you don’t, they will always get the credit for what you do. Plus you will have to do double the work and still get half the reward.

2.       Remove the leader and their followers will scatter. Most people follow a social order where you have a hierarchy in place; you see this in your personal and professional life. The best way to get the public on your side is to topple the leader of the pack. If you don’t, people will succumb to their influence. Nullify their influence as soon as possible.

3.       Feelings and perception is everything. Long before you buy, a positive vibe had to be in place and that is what the leader is cognizant of before the consumer. Coercion never works because the person will turn on you in your moment of weakness. Seduction is the best route. That way they become loyal to you without negativity. Soften up their resistance.

4.       Defuse and irritate with the mirror effect. Mirrors will do two things: disarm and diffuse the issue. Your opponent or competitor will not figure out your strategy. By holding up the mirror to their psyche, you seduce them with the illusion that you share their values – they become disarmed and trust is invoked.

5.       Preach the need for variation but never alter too much at once. We humans are a creature of habit so too much too fast can back fire. If you are an outsider coming in, be sure to show that you are respectful for the past but gently show how your way will be bigger and better for their self-interest.

6.       No one likes a show off. Envy creates silence enemies.  Presentation is everything.  Occasionally admit to harmless vices to show you are just a human as they are which is why they can trust your brand.

7.       Don’t go past the mark, learn when to stop. One of the biggest icon photos is Ali punching out Forman. Ali had more in him but he stopped, which is why that photo is so memorable. Don’t be a bully. The public will turn on you even though you won.

8.       Adopt Shapelessness. Everything changes and you can’t be a solid object set in stone. Your competitors will learn how to take a hold of you for their agenda. If you are formless, they have nothing to grasp, which gives you the upper hand. Entrepreneurs must have a backup plan, so be flexible.