Saturday, October 1, 2016

Jamaica I wish…


By Koko Boocro

      That academic achievers receive the same financing and glory as athletes and sports personalities.
            That during the next election, there is no more national amnesia.

·         That Government gives support to local produces to drive economic independence.

·         That Jamaican patois, in all its amusing and colorful variations get more local acceptance.

·         That more farmers would undertake growing local fruits on a larger scale.

·         That more Jamaicans can appreciate and afford the luxury of a Jamaican vacation.

·         That single parents need not be magicians with a minimum wage
·         That the highest political positions will eventually have academic requirements.

·         That the historic attractions in Hanover are no longer an open secret.

·         That the international impact of Jamaican music will be beneficial not only to its singers but also musicians.

·         That the knowledge of the types and uses of local medicinal plants passes on for generations to come.
·         That the media houses stop copycatting and create more original content.

·         That there was free access to more of our coastline and beaches.

·         That we value as much as others do, all that we have to offer.

·         That what is indigenous and cultural is more sought and valued than fake imports.

Blessed Love – Ria

Above is a list of things I sincerely wish for Jamaica and Jamaicans. Not in any particular order. I have many more wishes but will only share the shortlist.

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