Saturday, November 1, 2014

Change For Jamaica

Written by Elder Robert Jackson

Jamaica the wickedest city on earth,, 300 400 years Port Royal Jamaica was know as the wickedest city on earth.  Late 17th century

Excerpt from Wikipedia: 

In 2005, Jamaica had 1,674 murders for a murder rate of 58 per 100,000 people.[4] That year, Jamaica had the highest murder rate in the world.[2] In November 2008, the Jamaican Parliament voted to retain the death penalty, which is performed by hanging.[5]
There were 1,682 reported murders in 2009 and 1,428 in 2010. Since 2011 the murder rate has continued to fall following the downward trend started in 2010, with increases in police patrols, curfews and more effective anti-gang activities.[6]

How on earth have we maintained that title for so long?  We have the fastest man on earth.  We have the most beautiful women on earth.  We have some of greatest criminals on earth.

Ours is a country of extremists.  We only celebrate 2nd or 3rd place, if we came 1st, 2nd & 3rd.

Oh that we would become extremely righteous; extremely peaceful.  Our extreme righteousness would precipitate extreme prosperity in Jamaica.  If Jamaica were the most righteous nation on earth rather than the wicked, it would be a magnet for the wealth of the world.  Jamaica, if a righteous nation, would be more expensive than Manhattan. Jamaica is the most beautiful island on earth.  In my twenties I had the privilege of traversing the Island seeking Lumber.  I saw some of the most beautiful places.   Places not listed as attractions, mind bogglingly beautiful places.  God is an artist, and He has used Jamaica as a canvas for some of his best work.  When I get to paradise and if it looks like Jamaica, I will not be disappointed.

Jamaica- the world over is viewed as the greatest island, next to paradise if not for the violence.  As a boy growing up in Jamaica, the bad man is celebrated, respected. 
Hence, Malvo.   A crop of Malvos have died, but a new crop of malvos are being cultivated.  Renato Adams once uttered his famous quote “You have to kill the alligator when it young”. 

He was not wrong.   We have to kill our evil sons with righteousness.  We have to seek to be the most righteous nation on earth; consequently I am suggesting we erect electronic billboards throughout the Island reading the Bible. Two thirds of the screen should show the bible, and 1/3 the sponsor.   Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand of Self Interest cannot be ignored.   Free Software to do that is available at
Instead of killing our young with bullets, let us raise our young with a culture of peace.  The bad man instead of being deified, should be vilified, the bad man should be synonymous with the village idiot.

My dream for Jamaica is to change it from the Wickedest City on earth to the Most Holy Nation on earth.  The surprise though is if we were the Most Holy Nation on earth, we would be the richest nation on earth which is the very thing the Wickedest nation on earth seeks!