Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October is Black History Month in England

                                                       What makes a Black Man Cry?

                                                              Written by Myrna Loy

Seeing how easy it is for his son to die. When trying desperately to preserve what’s left of his life; His relationships breakdown and so does his wife. Constantly robbed of his self-esteem...

Lack of an achievable vision destroys his dream.

What makes a Black man cry?

Getting caught up in a situation he found hard to resist. Regretting his choices and the opportunities he’s missed. Displaying a front that says

I’m the big ‘I am’ So that his ‘brothers’ will think that he is ‘The Man’...

But he’s been found out, and is feeling ostracized, because as a result of his stupidity, someone has died. He tried to contain the evidence of his woe because he didn’t want his loved ones to know - It’s hard playing tough and living lie, And that’s what makes a black man cry.

Why Do Black Men Cry..?

He is crying for the men who feel they have to pretend; He is allowing his tears to symbolize their anguish and pain: The disappointment and disempowerment is seen on their face, while mothers and fathers hold their heads down in disgrace. When you taste the salt tears on your lips Remember the new moon always precedes an eclipse; Trauma and regret will say its goodbye...

So my vulnerable Black man - It’s ok to cry!

Myrna Loy © 2013