Monday, May 1, 2017

9 ways to grow and sustain your business

Entrepreneurs are creative people. What are the tricks of the trade? If you are in business, follow these steps. If you want to go into business again I say follow these steps. No longer can you depend solely on your 9-5 as your only source of revenue. 

1.       Everybody needs money and capital. Some sources are SBA, ,,

2.       Be flexible to change. What is your credit rating?

3.       A brand can create multiple streams. For example, Brand X can create t-shirts, eBooks, online seminar and host events in exotic places. Can we say Jamaica?

4.       Money can be tight at times; therefore, you might have to negotiate with your vendors and client. Remember you don’t get what you want; you get what you negotiate in life.

5.       Watch your cash flow. Never let your invoice go past 30 days. Know what and when your money is coming to you.

6.       Always focus on your customer’s needs. You might be the best in your field but someone else can and will do it better. You must be on point and take nothing for granted.

7.       Current customers are the best referrals for future customers.

8.       Market your company or brand continually on social media as well as other outlets. Attend conferences and seminars.

.       Learn trends; remember you are always a student.