Saturday, June 1, 2024

#5 Reasons to love Jamaica


41. Dialect  

Admit it, patois (pat-wa) makes any given sentence more colourful, effective, or humourous. It’s an added plus when you’re able to go ‘full Jamaican’ if you want your words exclusively understood by another yardie.

42. Predictable weather    

You can look at the sky and almost accurately guess if it will rain or sun will blaze throughout the day, then plan accordingly.

43. Can Take A Quick Dip

Though many of us can’t swim, we always look forward to a day at a river or beach.

44. Abundance of Rivers

With over 100 rivers, you have the option to take a swim, catch water for your home, bathe, wash your clothes, meditate etc.

45. #I LiveWhereYouVacation

You’re in one of the top travel destinations of the world. You’re where many persons would love to be!

46. Comical Sense of Direction

Though a local giving directions may sound unorthodox; they’re often SPOT ON!

47. Artistic

We boast numerous talented painters, sculptors, ceramists, playwrights etc.

48. Eye-grabbing Fashion

We know how to make a statement, no matter what that statement may be. Our most iconic style was probably in the 90’s era of mesh merinos, rasta colours, colourful wigs and outlandish wear, still incorporated in outfits globally.

49. Boas’y  

We don’t have to have a lot of money to show out. You still ah go notice we!

50. Signage Wording

Many of which are humorous by the way, both on and off the streets, but always get the point across.