Monday, June 3, 2019

Forward Thinking

Be firm with me and I will lay the world at your feet. Be easy with me and I will ruin all. What am I? I am a habit!
-Roberto Blake-

Many of the established not for profits groups are run by the older generations and this is a good thing for they can give wisdom and insight but it can also be a hindrance. To my surprise when I was in the middle of creating an online directory for the community, I was shocked to find out that some of the not for profits did not have a website or a social media presence; therefore,  I went on a mission to find out why. It was – habit. Many were still using standard mail and phone calls to promote their events; the concept of Eventbrite was unknown or discouraged.
I did attend some of their events and as suspected, they had mostly older people in the audience.  Nothing is wrong with that but how can an organization remain relevant for the next generation without creating incentives to have them in attendance to these cultural events? Why is everybody protecting their turf but not including gen x,y and z? I am not disrespecting my elders but one cannot move forward by maintaining old habits. New ecosystems will have to be created in order to attract a younger crowd.
Here are some recommendations:

1.       Don’t feel threatened with new ways of communicating. Young people are attached to their phones and that is the way to get their attention. Use social media and create websites.

2.       Have relevant performers at the events. Yes, the vintage ones can be perform but have some current artist perform as well.

3.       Don’t hate on younger people with fresh ideas invite them to join the boards or involved in the planning committee. In other words: no poison mouth, bad mind or red eyes. The youth bring something to the table, which will keep your organization alive.

4.       Know your worth. Complement and don’t compete; this is the best expansion concept one could ever move towards for your legacy depends on it.