Wednesday, July 5, 2017

10 Ways Entrepreneurs keep power

Having a product or service is the business of the entrepreneur. By spotting an area of need and targeting that particular niche, you will be wealthy. However, you must be tactful in gaining the public’s trust and obtaining power. Here are ten ways to sure up your influence:

1.       Governor the options by getting others to play the cards you deal. This is about controlling the narrative. Provide options and support both sides, that way it does not matter what they chose. It is your products they are choosing.  i.e.  Diet soda verse regular, if you are selling both, aren’t you making the money?

2.       Perform to people’s imagination. The world can be an ugly place. Why bring up unpleasant memories or highlight things that can’t be changed? Create romance or invoke illusions the consumer secretly desire. If I wear this, I can get that. I want, so I will buy.

3.       Discover their vulnerabilities. We all have them but most people are guarded. Once these insecurities are located, turn on the charm to your advantage. The less you are guarded the more you will trust in the product or service.

4.       Embrace your inner king or queen. Behave as if you are destined to be a success. If you are successful, then others will want to follow your lead. You will lead them to open their wallet and buy whatever you are selling. Never appear vulgar for you will be disrespected in the long run.

5.       Timing is everything. The good book tells you to be anxious for nothing. If you appear hurried, others will react by negotiating for far less than you wanted to offer. The less interested you appear, the more superior you seem.

6.       Give off captivating spectacles. This can be done with a glitzy presentation, ritzy clothes or body language. If you dazzle, no one will detect your ulterior motives. Notice some celebrities are famous for being famous. They don’t have a particular skill but they do impact the public.

7.       If you ignore things you don’t or can’t have, you give the appearance that you are the winner. If you acknowledge petty problems, this will be high lightened to the public and will impact your brand. If anything is off, change it but be subtle.

8.       Go along to get along is sometimes the best solution. If you make a show of going against the grade, it might back fire for people can think you only want attention and they will look down on you or your brand. Yes you want to impact your audience but do it in a non-threatening manner. Ego is everything.

9.       Place ripples in the waters. Being angry and too emotional is counterproductive. Attack your competitors’ armor but don’t show how it was done. Stay calm and you gain the advantage by putting your opponents off balance.

10.   Be cautious of free lunches. What has value always comes with a price. This does not always mean money. Time, investment are also expensive. Things that cost the least, has a higher price point. What’s in it for them? How do they benefit? Paying your own way relives you form gratitude, guilt and deceit.