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Written by Alice Jerusha

Since time immemorial Jamaica has been the best travel destination for many tourists all around the world. This country is blessed with numerous great physical features as well as great entertainment and culture ever witnessed anywhere before. Apart from that, the natives here are also very kind and polite to all visitors from every corners of the earth.

Apart from her great physical features, the country of Jamaica is also blessed with just the perfect climate that is favourable for every human being. The daily weather conditions are also awesome as this country lies within the tropical region. It is true to say that the perfect climate has made Jamaica to be among the best tourist destination places worldwide.

Therefore the following are just but a few top places you should never fail to visit as a tourist in Jamaica;

Dunn's River Falls

If you visit Dunn's River Falls, you will be amazed to see the spectacular 600ft water fall which is very popular.

This magnificent water fall is characterized by cold and clear white froth that splashes over a series of stone steps while trickling towards the sea at the same time. Therefore if you want to greatly enjoy your visit to the Dunn's Water Falls, ensure that you hire a tour guide.

Montego Bay

Another great tourist attraction spot that you can visit if you are a tourist in Jamaica is the popular Montego Bay. Montego Bay is characterized by nice beaches that offer great opportunities for each and every tourist to enjoy all types of water sports. This place is among the best spots in Jamaica where tourists who love seeing attractive beaches as well as swimming can have the best times of their lives. Apart from other spots here, there is the spectacular Doctor's Cave Beach where any tourist can enjoy having a nice warm bath.

Ocho Rios

If you love reggae music then Ocho Rios may be the best place for you to visit especially if you have been a great fan of legend reggae artists like Bob Marley and etc. Ocho Rios hosts the popular Bob Marley mausoleum for the sake of the late Bob Marley's fans where one may even luckily bump into the late Bob Marley's family members. Apart from that, there is also the great Chukka Cove's Zion Bus tour for tourists who love road trips.

Negril Beach

It is true to say that Negril Beach is among the finest lengthy white sand beaches and top spots in Jamaica. This place is characterized by beautiful open air cafes as well as beach bars for tourists who love drinking wine and dinning. Any tourist who loves the above activities as well as enjoying the evening sun set can have the best time of his/her life at Negril Beach.


Since Kingston City is the capital of Jamaica as well as the cultural hub of the entire Caribbean region, any tourist who visits this city is guaranteed to have the best for his/her money and time. If you want to experience great entertainment and culture, Kingston is among the best places for you to visit. Any tourist here can visit the 120 year old Devon House Heritage Site that hosts numerous events each and every single day.

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