Friday, March 1, 2024

#2 Reasons to love Jamaica


11. Friendly

We are the nicest set of rude people you’d probably ever find.

12. Industrious

Most Jamaicans have at least 1 “side hustle”, contributing to entrepreneurship and  creativity.

13. Pioneer Music

Reggae, dancehall, ska, rocksteady, dub; We have musically contributed a lot to the world with distinctive sounds (and dances!).

14. All-Inclusive Experiences

Whether it be parties or a hotel getaway, you won’t necessarily get the little-worry, all-inclusive experience when you go abroad.

15. Alcohol

World-famous alcohol, perfect for outings, events, cooking / baking, illness remedies, and those days where you really  need a drink or three.

16. Rastafarianism

Probably the most laid-back religion ever, promoting a loving, natural lifestyle and self-pride.

17. High-Grade Marijuana

To whom it may apply: enough said.

18. No Shortage of Street vendors

You don’t have to go far or spend much to curb your peckish cravings.

19. Small Island       

Nothing is more than a drive away. You can visit every parish in one day.

20. Strong Presence in Sports

Our many endeavours throughout the sports industry competing on a global scale is a privilege. Not every country can enjoy this as much as we do.