Monday, June 4, 2018

Jamaica Science Technology Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) contributing to reducing Global warming.

The involvement of young people globally in the understanding and addressing of climate change is fundamental to future success in the reduction of global warming. It is universally acknowledged that a reduction of climate change will result when young people take an interest in their environment.  As the Jamaica STEM UK contact I will collaborate with Institutions in Jamaica and Institutions in the United Kingdom (UK) to promote the importance of embedding STEM subjects in the Jamaican education system. The Jamaica government working is already working in partnership with the European Union and the United Nations Environment Programme in a project aiming to reduce the risks caused by natural hazards and to increase the resilience of vulnerable areas in Jamaica due to climate change predictions, we will see rapid changes in rainfall distribution and rising sea level which are growing concerns for the people and the Jamaican government.

Demonstration and experimentation in school STEM workshops will build the confidence and offer more understanding of the need to use environmentally friendly generation of energy and to reduce the use of fossil fuels without too much disruption to local communities in the fourteen parishes of Jamaica. I have already spoken to Three Higher Education Institutions in the UK with the objective to a partnership with a well established Higher Education Institution in Jamaica on STEM initial Teacher training courses. In my present role, I am promoting collaboration with STEM institutions in the UK and Jamaica to promote joint Research ventures into understanding the importance of STEM subjects into our Universities initial Teacher training and STEM workshops in STEM High School academies.

In Jamaica like the UK we are very serious about tackling global warming leading to climate changes which will have devastating effect on our wild life and indeed agriculture, “I am calling to Jamaican Diaspora members and friends of Jamaica involved in STEM in the UK to email on The STEM initiative can eventually link young people to apprenticeships schemes to ‘earn as you learn’
Thanking you in anticipation.

Douglas Morgan Med FHEA
Jamaica STEM, UK contact