Sunday, December 10, 2023

The celebration of you


Doing what you love is freedom; loving what you do is happiness. What can you create that adds value to a community? Whether it is personal, professional, charity or hobby relationships, the keys to continuing those relationships are communication and negotiation.  Being human, our egos play a huge part in how we resolve issues; Afterall, everything has an economic or political component. When one understands that, valuing your self-worth will not be an issue for making the right choice.

The selection of one thing over another is originality and brings the spotlight on your concerns. Being influenced by another idea is ok but don’t make that your complete persona; furthermore, everyone else is taken so embrace your unique spin to the situation. One way to get the spotlight on your agenda is generosity aka Karma.

Give to get is energy and the universe operates in checks and balances.  The entrepreneurs Gary Vee has a book title called: “Jab, Jab right hook” where he practices the art of giving and look how successful he has become. Give but set up boundaries because some people are takers and do not understand the law of reciprocity.

Now that you have established the dos and don’ts become empathic in your surroundings, learn the needs of an audience, so that a common touch can be established and a level of trust has been created. This is how value recognized. If I bring this to the table, you will get that. Entrepreneurs, pay attention to your surroundings.

Wednesday, November 1, 2023

5 Tips on the path to success


Stay on the path of success. Insecure people will try to block your progress for they fear that your achievement is a loss for them. If you are disheartened, they will feel emboldened to control you economical or politically. How do you circumvent that? Here are five tips to keep you on the path of success:

1.     If you know an older successful business person, talk to them. They have the experience to ins and outs of being an entrepreneur.

2.     If you see younger successful business person, don’t discourage them. Think about Bill Gates when he began his company. The youth see the world differently and could share an idea that will change the world. Stop being suspicious.

3.     Don’t be fooled by Instagram success. Just because someone is posing next to a nice car or wearing designer clothes doesn’t mean they own any of that stuff. For example, ladies can now rent designer Louis Viton or Gucci hand bags.

4.     Stop people all your plans. If they are envious and silently envy you, you will be discouraged by that very “friend” or “family” that you entrusted your dreams. Work in silence and let your accomplishments speaks for itself.

5.     Move, if the environment is not positive. Shift the energy and change the location. Movements create energy that will take you to success. Take what you learned in one place and apply it in your new dwelling.

Sunday, October 1, 2023

New beginnings


The year may have begun with a bang. It was filled with promises such as I am going to make it to the gym as a regular part of my weekly routine. For a while that was the case but that lasted only for a while. Remember it’s not how you start but how you finish. Here are a few ways to hit the reset button:

1.            Take on some me time. No matter what commitments you have to others, you must take a breather.

2.            Run-through declarations of bright. Showing appreciation gives you a chance to improve how you speak about inspiration and acknowledge people who have made a favorable mark in your life. By showing how grateful you are will let your supporters know they are not being taken for granted.

3.            Place the phone on voice mail mode. Unfortunately, people interaction is becoming more social media rather than one on one facetime.  The human touch or eye to eye contact still carries more weight than a quick text.

4.            Create a spark. Don’t let self-care be just a buzz word. Truly reclaim it for real happiness. Create boundaries for if you don’t, what will be left for you? Rest and retreat is a must. Attend yoga classes or get regular messages. Also, meditation will settle you for the hectic events that will come your way.

Saturday, September 2, 2023

The Entrepreneur’s Vision


The word entrepreneur is getting very popular, which is a good thing. Providing a product or service to a niche is the correct direction to riches. What will make the vision a reality requires three main elements:

1.      Sense of purpose

2.      Optimism

3.      Resilience

Having these three components is how business owners increase their chances of becoming successful.

            A profitable business idea can come at any moment. The problem you solve will be the sense of purpose in your journey. For example, many people buy the lottery in hopes of a better life. Why else should it happen? Why would the public be interested? This is where branding, logos and slogans influence the consumers. The Public must have an emotional connection.

            The feeling of optimism is the goal. Of I drink this or wear that, I will be…The truth of the matter is that nothing needs to happen but perception creates that euphoric response. i.e use a particular beauty cream to look younger.  This group think can take a while for the public to take notice. Is there a structure in place to absorb the time gap?

            Endurance creates resiliency. Some frequently asked questions during this time are:

1.      What did I learn while waiting?

2.      How should I try my new approach?

3.      Was the marketing appropriate for this the targeted community?

Seniors prefer TV and radio, while millennials prefer social media, especially through their phones. Creativity is a must.

            Whatever business idea you have in mind, be sure to devise a solid business plan; develop a business structure, for instance, create an LLC. If the business is in the US, use an EIN instead of your social security. That way, you keep personal and business issues separate. Have a path; stay positive and remember that it is over only when you are six feet under.

Friday, August 4, 2023

Entrepreneur should understand chess


Economic exclusion is not a new phenomenon for Black people on the continent and in the diaspora. Reparations should be the remedy but in the meantime, how will Black people survive this information age? One option is entrepreneurship. Solving problems is what entrepreneurs do and this is done by strategic planning. This preplanning is similar to the game of chess. Before a player makes a move, they think 3 or more moves ahead on the layout of the board. Good entrepreneurs consider authenticity, nonlinear patterns, quality and value.

Not long ago a Canadian restaurant franchise company implemented these tools to entice millions to spend their money to purchase Popeyes chicken sandwiches. They were able to pull of this chess move by targeting American Blacks.  By using urban slang and American Black dialect, many believed the “authenticity” of the so called tension. The long lines of Black people at the various Popeyes restaurants verified the social proof that was needed for the campaign.

Bypassing the traditional advertising route of TV, radio and billboard, they used social media for their nonlinear pattern. Each year, more and more people are leveraging their cell phones to get information. This is how entrepreneurs can become successful. They think outside the box and find a new of doing things, a brilliant chess move. Go where the people are consuming and relate to them by using language and symbolism.

If a product or service if not of quality, why would the customer buy? What was the psychological incentive to entice any one to stand in line for a chicken sandwich? It was scarcity. Buy this now or you will miss out.  The customer believed that they will benefit? This best way to capture ones attentions is branding. Brand names provide a feeling, social prof and worth.  In chess terms, how does the rook get the queen?  Create value.

Everything has a price. What are you willing to pay for it? Would you stand in line for hours? Do you purchase or trade for it? Creating a desire provides a market rate. The selling price point is when the public will buy. Always think of how to motivate others.

 So, did the American Blacks benefit economically? They didn’t. They made a Canadian company millions of dollar but not for their community. Remember this is a Canadian company that markets itself as an American Southern fried chicken restaurant; juxtapose this issue with the current state of reggae music.

Reggae music is now played on every continent. These new performers will eventually not need the Jamaicans to create the authentic sound and do it for themselves. Jamaicans will have to create wealth by narrowing its culture diversity.  It is our niche and we should control the production and distribution to ensure income for Jamaican people. For if we don’t, other ethnic groups will begin to dominate and control the culture for financial gain.  i.e. the Koreans now control 99% of the Black hair business in the US and have no interest in letting Blacks become owners and producers again. They want the Blacks to remain a consumption class for their goods. This is not right but Black people allowed it to happen. This was a strategic move, for the Koreans thought like chess players.

Not everything is for everybody. Circle your wagons and operate in a group interest fashion. Develop means to give back to the community. The yearly barrel is a band aid but not a solution.  While traveling one earns, learns and should return. Sun and sand is all over the Caribbean. How is Jamaica unique and why should Diasporans and tourists return to the “rock”? Many joke that the only time one sees large group of Jamaicans are at funerals.  We should convalesce around positive events and not just pain. No more “red eyes or badmind” Celebrate and elevate our wins. We must connect the dots to leverage our most powerful resource, which is the mind.

 Think of the opportunities of a half full glass and not a half empty glass. Each year Chinese and Indians move to Jamaica and become naturalized citizens.  If the country is so bad, why are they moving to Jamaica and creating jobs for their community?  They have a different mindset for you will never see an Asian work for a Black person – ever. If Asians are dealing with Blacks, it is an owner/ consumer relationship.

Stop being the consumption class and become the merchant class like the other ethnic groups. The island should be used for production and the diaspora should be the primary group that consumes the products. This pattern creates an economic ecosystem.  The diasporans have the capital, experience and disposable income to purchase. They also have the capital to create credit unions, which in turn can finance entrepreneural ventures. Thinking like a chess player will ensure that Jamaica survives the information age and everybody “caahn eat ah food”. Check mate!

Saturday, July 1, 2023

Thank me later


Most Jamaicans travel “ah farin” to ‘eat a food”. If you don’t have that visa, what to do? We now live in an era that you can work online and get paid. All that is needed is a good lap top, a smart phone and internet access. Here are some links to help you make that money:

Thursday, June 1, 2023

4 Agreements



Many speak about the golden rule but what about the 4 agreements? There are tips that will enhance your daily living in this complicated thing we call life. So read these gems and believe them. Watch how easy things will come together for you:

1. Be impeccable with you words.

·         Speak with integrity

·         Say what you mean

·         Avoid using words to speak against yourself and others.

·         Use the power of word in the direction of truth and love

2. Don’t take thing personally

·         Nothing other do is because of you

·         What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dreams.

·         When you are immune to the opinion and actions of others, you won’t be a victim of needless suffering.

3. Don’t make assumptions

·         Find the courage to ask questions and express what you want.

·         Communicate with others as clearly as you can to avoid misunderstandings.

·         With just this one agreement, you can completely transform your life.

4. Always do your best

·         Your best is going to change from moment to moment; it will be different when you are healthy as opposed to sick.

·         Under any circumstance, simply do your best, and you will will avoid self-judjment, self-abuse, and regret.

Saturday, April 1, 2023

Counting your paper



You are worthy and deserve to live in the best frequency that the universe has to offer. If you are willing to work hard, success is there for you. Tell the universe that you are number 1 and never say “I lack” because that opens the door to negativity.  Be specific in your request and the law of attraction will bring your desires. For many, it is money. Since we live in the social media era, here are some creative ways to count your paper:

1.       Google AdSense on You Tube- This program requires a minimum 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours. For each ad that runs on your channel, you will be compensated.

2.       Products and merchandise –By placing your logo or tag on merchandise, loyal fans will support you.

3.       Sales funnels - Establish an audience.  Get to understand them by building know, like and trust relationships for that niche. This is the most lucrative way to monetize.

4.       Brand sponsorships – If a company likes you, they will give you a link for you to place on your site. Don’t accept every brand offer. Products must have integrity. If you won’t use it, don’t encourage your audience to buy it. For in the end, you will lose your community’s support if things are not up to par. Remember, not all money is good money.

Thursday, March 2, 2023

Getting the bag


It is not hard to make money, especially if you are in good health.  Set your mind on it and find a way to solve a problem for a niche group. The internet age is an avenue you can use to accomplish this task. Here are some creative ideas to get that bag of money:

Direct video marketing

·         Paid on demand

·         Vimeo

Sponsored Content

·         Pay per performance

·         Flat rate

·         Cost per action

Joint Venture Partner

·         You sell on your platform and get commission

·         Network Marketing but be cation on pyramid scheme

·         Selling tangible products

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Stacking your coins


In this day and age having a single source of income is not a good idea. The company could go bankrupt, become obsolete (Blockbusters) or you get terminated.  What is your plan B? What gigs do you have lined up until the income flows steadily again? Consider these ideas for stacking your coins:

Affiliate marketing

·         Amazon

·         Blue host website

·         Commission junction

Creating your own product and sell it online; this is you intellectual property.

·         Write a books – don’t have to go to a publishing company

·         Create music – don’t have to go a record label

·         Videos

·         Photos

·         Audios

·         Graphics

Online Ads

·         Adsence

Monday, January 2, 2023

The most important person


Jamaican Proverb

What ah fiyu cyaa be un-fiyu


Whatever is meant for you can never be taken away from you. The phrase is usually said to someone who has overcome many challenges to achieve their goals.

Don’t ever try to fit in when God clearly created you to stand out. No one should go along to get along especially when morals and values come into question. Whatever is meant to be, the creator will provide a way for you to have it. Decisions that are made on impulse will impact you now and the future. The most important person is you, so always say these affirmations:

·         I am the best.

·         I can do it.

·         God is always with me.

·         My future is positive and I come back from my setbacks.

Remember crisis come not to destroy you but reveals the cracks in your life that needs attention.