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This is a question that needs serious examination touncover any existing factual basis for the"democrticpartization" of Jamaicans and to see ifthere is an explanation for our twisted method ofmaking choices and seeking affiliations. To begin hereare a few statements from some media giants.

" Still the sentimental pull of the long-standingpreference for a Hillary Clinton over any Republicancontender... " Why Hillary Clinton has turned me off - Geof Brown

"Mi glad yuh se", said Ronnie Thwaites as heexulted over the victory of the Democratic Party inthe congressional electionsm over the Republicansrecently.

"We must be proud of the Democratic Party".Congresswoman Yvette Clarke.

Evidence should be a vital piece of information thataffects decision-making in chosing affiliations butgreat salesmen know too that the ability to make thetarget person feel important by appealing to the ego,often outweighs an abundance of evidence which doesnot support the sale. Hence low self-esteem personsmake the best customers and we have clear evidence ofthis in Jamaica and Haiti where hundreds of thousandsof poor persons choose to buy cell phones (anego-affected decision) over saving their scarceresources to finance the education of their children(a far more important action supported by evidenceshowing that education is vital to breaking the cycleof poverty).


Let us go to the evidence. In reviewing thehistorical and contemporary evidence the RepublicanParty has an unassailable and clear lead over theDemocratic Party in legislative actions that hasassisted Jamaica. We will also present information onthe African American experience.


In spite of the prevailing perception, the Democraticparty of the USA is not friendly towards Jamaica andthose Jamaicans who were exulting are simply theproduct of media brainwashing. Let us list some mostimportant issues that affected and still affects theCaribbean and the economies there.

1. The amnesty and immigration act of the 80s.This was an act which was supported and pushed byRepublican Ronald Reagan and signed into law by him.

In 1986, Congress passed the Immigration Reform andControl Act (IRCA) giving amnesty — legal forgiveness— to all illegal aliens who had successfully evadedjustice for four years or more or were illegallyworking in agriculture. As a result, 2.8 millionillegal aliens were admitted as legal immigrants tothe United States. In addition, they have so farbrought in an additional 142,000 dependents.

Various Amnesties of Illegal Aliens
IRCA (including dependents) 2,831,351
NACARA 405,000
Haitian Act 50,000
INA Section 249 (from 1987-1997) 69,670
TOTAL 3,356,021

Tens of thousands of Jamaicans (no one actually knowhow many)beneffitted from the single most importantissue forthem in their life up to that time.

2. THE CARIBBEAN BASIN INITIATIVEAlso supported and signed into law by TepublicanRonald Reagan, this bill is still benefitting theCaribbean in some form today and Jamaica directlyespecially in the form of ethanol exports.

3. THE HELMS BURTON ACTTo be truthful this legislation has Republican originsbut it was finally supported and signed into law byDemocratic president Bill Clinton after Cuban pilotsshot down two airplanes belonging to an Americangroup. This act directly impacts negatively onexpansion plans of Jamaican hotelliers seekinginvestments in Cuba.

4. THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY IS THE PARTY OF SLAVERYAnd why did not the democrats free the slaves? It wasthe southern democrats who were the majorityslaveholders and so it proves like Jamaica, as somesay African Americans love their bondage and are stillpart of one large modern slave plantation- theyreturned to their slave massas en masse when theyoffered them gifts and charity in Roosevelt's NewDeal!!

5. THE SOUTHERN DEMOCRATS DESTABILIZED THE AFRICANAMERICAN ECONOMYThe information on how southern Decocrats destroyedseveral thriving African American towns, has beenhidden for decades. Stunningly this has never beendiscussed in media the way the Iraq war has been. Twoincidents come to mind; Tulsa, Oklahoma and Rosewood,Florida, where decades ago Democratic mobs chased,killed African Americans and burned to the groundthriving African American business communities.

6. OVER 3000 KNOWN LYBCHINGS OF AFRICAN AMERICANSOf course most if not all of these lynchings were doneby Democrats of the south, the last one in 1960!Incidentally, many of the participants at theselynchings are still alive today and recognizable ineasily accessible photographs and makes one wonder whythey are not being prosecuted! See Democratic lynchmobs in action here:

7. THE SHOCKING VOTING RESULTS OF THE CIVIL RIGHTSLEGISLATION OF THE 1960S.One often hears the argument that the reason whyAfrican Americans are all Democrats is because theDemocrats passed civil rights legislation. But hereare the actual voting results on that legislation.

By party and region

The original House version: For and Against.

Southern Democrats: 7-87 (7%-93%)
Southern Republicans: 0-10 (0%-100%)
Northern Democrats: 145-9 (94%-6%)
Northern Republicans: 138-24 (85%-15%)

The Senate version:

Southern Democrats: 1-20 (5%-95%) (only Senator Ralph Yarborough of Texas voted infavor)
Southern Republicans: 0-1 (0%-100%) (this was Senator John Tower of Texas)

Northern Democrats:
45-1 (98%-2%) (only Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia opposed themeasure)

Northern Republicans:
27-5 (84%-16%) (Senators Bourke Hickenlooper of Iowa, Barry Goldwaterof Arizona, Edwin L. Mechem of New Mexico, Milward L.Simpson of Wyoming, and Norris H. Cotton of NewHampshire opposed the measure)

SHOCKING RESULTS HUH! Support from the Republicans wasextremely high and the Democrats which opposed similarlegislation from the 1860s, finally changed theirstance.

8. THE REPUBLICANS BROUGHT FREEDOM FROM SLAVERY; THEDEMOCRATS OPPOSED ITHistory clearly indicates that the Democratic Partyopposed the Civil Rights Act passed by the Republicansin the 1860s. Yes that's right, in the 18602! In factthe Democrats opposed such Civil Rights legislationfor decades


ONE question seeks an answer. Against the evidencepresented so far why do the African Americans andHispanics support the Democratic party considering thedevilish tyrannical history it is so proud of? Someclaim that both parties have reversed poles with theRepublicans taking on a racist mantra similar to the1865 Democrats. There are several problems with thisposition though.

Firstly, I was never taught in my two semesters of UShistory that the Democratic Party was historicallyracist and anti Civil Rights. The Democratic Party hasshocking racist history but this is not taughtanywhere and it is an acknowledged part of Americanhistory. When I challenged a noted history professorin California about this he huffed and puffed goingoff on a tangent about polarity.

Secondly, it is incorrect to try and subtly say thatthe Democrats of 1865 were the only racist democrats.In fact their overt racist tendencies continued fordecades and as far as I am concerned they still existtoday! Even in the Democrtic party's nominationelections the nation saw prominent African AmericansAndrew Young, Robert Johnson and Congressman Rangelssbockingly taking sides against African AmericanBarack Obama and in the case of Johnson makingcomments insinuating Obama was taking drugs when theClintons were contributing to the African Americancommunity! This is another version of the House Negroversus the Field Negro. I wonder what the RepublicanFrederick Douglas is doing in his grave?

Thirdly, the facts are that the actions of Republicanpresidents in signing legislation that contributedimmeasurably to African Americans, Hispanics andimmigrants refutes the commonly accpeted notion thatthe republican party is now racist and the democratsare not.

Many examples of the racist Democratic party arewaiting to be taught in history classes acrossAmerica, in Jamaica and in the Hispanic communitiesHere are a few:

John S. Rock, African-American Republican abolitionist

Dr. John S. Rock, was the first African-Americanlawyer admitted to practice before the U.S. SupremeCourt. Chief Justice Salmon Chase (R-OH) swore him inthis day in 1865.

Born a free man, Rock studied medicine and then becamea renowned abolititonist and Republican activist. In1858, he decided to seek medical treatment in France,but the Democrat Secretary of State, Lewis Cass, triedto stop him. Cass, the former Democrat presidentialnominee, ruled that African-Americans could not beissued U.S. passports. The Republican-controlledMassachusetts legislature then issued Dr. Rock atravel document which the French government accepted,enabling him to travel to France.

At Boston's Fanuel Hall, in 1858, he ridiculed racialprejudice: "If any man does not fancy my color, thatis his business, and I shall not meddle with it. Ishall give myself no trouble because he lacks goodtaste... Our friends can do what many of them arenobly doing, assist us to remove the obstacles whichprevent our elevation, and stimulate the worthy topersevere. The colored man who, by dint ofperseverance and industry, educates and elevateshimself, prepares the way for others, gives characterto the race, and hastens the day of generalemancipation."

the Republican Party's 15th AmendmentOn this day in 1870, after passing in the House ofRepresentatives with 98% Republican support and 97%Democrat opposition, the Republican Party's 15thAmendment was ratified by the states. It then becamepart of the Constitution, extending toAfrican-Americans the right to vote. Unfortunately,Democrats soon enacted poll taxes, literacy tests, andother scams to prevent African-Americans from votingin the South and other areas under their control.

the Republican Party's 15th AmendmentOn this day in 1870, after passing in the House ofRepresentatives with 98% Republican support and 97%Democrat opposition, the Republican Party's 15thAmendment was ratified by the states. It then becamepart of the Constitution, extending toAfrican-Americans the right to vote. Unfortunately,Democrats soon enacted poll taxes, literacy tests, andother scams to prevent African-Americans from votingin the South and other areas under their control.

10. THE DEMOCRATS SUPPORT HOMOSEXUALITY AND LESBIANISMWHILE THE REPUBLICANS DO NOT!Surprised aren't you? It is true indeed. This issuefor which Jamaica is branded as the most homophobiccountry in the world which the majority of Jamaicansfind so dastardly, the friendly Democrats are infavor of.

11. THE DOMOCRATIC PARTY IS MORE ANTI-GOD WHILE THEREPUBLICANS ARE PRO-GODWhat a shocker! A country like Jamaica and churchdeacons like Ronnie Thwaites would flock to theatheistic party! Jamaica still has religion in itsschools; the democrats get maddenningly angry when anyone suggests that there should be religion inAmerica's public schnools!

11. IRAQ HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH JAMAICAI heard some Jamaicans shouting about the war in Iraq,but what does it have to do with Jamaica? Were theyshouting when Saddam was killing his 300,000? Are theyshouting about the 1,500 deaths a day in Darfur? Hint;they are completely silent; they do not even know thatmore persons have died in Darfur than in Iraq! Themedia has convinced Jamaica that the war in Iraq ismore important than the genocide in Sudan and so theyhate George Bush for Iraq but love the Chinese eventhough the Chinese has financed the genocide of darkskinned Africans who more closely resemble them thanthe Iraqis! Oh the power of television!Most Jamaicans do not even look at the issues butfollow their prevailing brainwashed opinion! Too muchtelevision is bad for rationality and sound reasoning!


Perhaps Congresswoman Yvette Clarke who said "We mustbe Proud of the Democratic Party", can provide anexplanation or may be Ronnie Thwaites and Geof Browncan collaborate on a psychological response.-

Oh yes be proud of the party that did not want to freethe slaves. Be proud of the party that enslaved andraped hundreds of thousands of women at will. Be proudof the deomcrats who lynched and burned...

Then here is more from Yvette Clarke: "I will work incongress to make sure that all of our citizens haveequal economic, civil and legal rights regardless ofsexuality, gender or gender preference." - YvetteClarke

Well here it is Jamaicans full support for the heinousacts of the gay community, which you all so hate anddespise. What a twisted state of affairs. Thegreaters haters of homosexuality showing love for aparty that shows great acceptance of the hatedlifestyle! That's why we are known as Ja(Hypocrisans)maicans.

Written By
John Anthony