Friday, April 1, 2016

10 things to minimize your job loss

Now that you have a job, don’t get too relaxed. The person who liked you and hired you has transferred. Your new supervisor does not like you and is looking for an out to fire you. Perhaps the political climate has changed and your services are no longer needed. i.e. Melissa Harris Perry was terminated from MSNBC.

When MSNBC sacked Melissa from her very lucrative job, she was blindsided. This was evident by Perry’s leaked email that was printed in the New York Times. Yes, she was very qualified; after all, she has a PHD from MIT. Melissa education credential did not save her, now did it? Keep that in mind. If you get a pink slip, what is your plan B?

1.       Have another talent or skill set.
2.       Always have a 2nd revenue source.
3.       Maintain business network relationships.
4.       Keep a job coach in your rolodex.
5.       Pay your bills in advance.
6.       Have 6 months of income in reserve.
7.       Purchase your own lap top.  When you leave a company, they keep what they own.
8.       Your laptop is a source of revenue. You can become a virtual assistant worker or a customer service agent until you want to move on to another job.
9.       Maintain a current resume, so that you can email to an HR department when needed.
10.      Minimize daily expenses. You don’t have to go to the coffee shop every morning. Leave that trip for special occasions.