Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Know Your Worth


                                      written by Janice K. Maxwell

If you are planning on getting a new job, learn your worth. Business relationships have to be mutual. Before one dollar is exchanged for labor, products or services, understand what both parties are bringing to the table. There is currency and value in everything. Apply these nuggets when making employment decisions:

1.       On your resume, be sure to include your tangibles skills. Are you good at social media marketing? Many companies need an influencer to expand their brand. Your expertise in these area will impact your salary.

2.       Do your research on the company. What are their areas of needs and wants? Visit their website. Learn about the product or services they provide. Filling that gap is your employment security.

3.       Is this company is publically traded? Did their stocks go up or down? This is an indication of this company’s future. Who knows how long will company will be around before you invest.

4.       If you want to know what to ask for at the time of salary negotiation, visit www.Glassdoor.com or www.Salery.com  Do this before you accept an of offer. 

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