Thursday, February 1, 2024

The importance of Scale



Do what you love and the necessary resources will follow. To truly build something scalable, people have to know who you are and like you in order to buy from you. To own your traffic means you control your business and as a business grows, its main objective is to continue to meet market demands. Scalability matters because growth means you are working with the customer’s data and resources.

When scaling, consider linear movement, operations, and the next innovative campaign. The linear move will be upward mobility because you were creative enough to garner audiences that trust you. When that event occurs, this is the time to motivate them. Consider the motis operendi that you used to get to this point. Your sales campaign is reflective on the demographics. i.e. millennials are responsive to emails, while boomers are comfortable with paper mail.

Both forms of communication are effective; therefore, pay attention to systems and apply them to the various demographics. For without a system you have a limited chance of sustaining growth. This project is not a solo venture. To scale properly, one must have the right story, team, date and strategies.  If the goal is that they buy something, have all payment methods available. Organize yourself so they won’t feel uncomfortable handing over their money. In some industries, scale is a distinct advantage and a clear competitive advantage. In others, scale creates unnecessary overhead and fragility that leads to larger companies being continually beaten by smaller competitors; therefore, make sure the items are for the correct season. For example, Valentine merchandise should be available in the 1st of February. Always market to the consumer, so that they want what you are offering.