Thursday, January 31, 2008

Jamaicans Living Overseas

There are 2.7 million Jamaicans living at home and the official estimate is that, an equal number of Jamaicans also lives overseas. Last year, Jamaicans living abroad send home approximately US$2.6 billion. Just ahead of what the island earns from its major industry tourism, and ahead of what is brought in by the bauxite industry. Another significant figure is the estimated US$40 billion purchasing power of Jamaicans living abroad.

It should therefore come as no surprise that the Jamaican Government is actively pursuing this potentially rich source of investment capital and political influence.But for those of you wishing to effect changes in Jamaica, image an entrepreneurial approach devoid of politics and government; and with the prospect of harnessing the full potential of 2.7 million innovative and committed Jamaicans.This is the objective of Jamlink - to create an enterprise among Jamaican living overseas, and to monetize this partnership with the use of a single online media platform.

Incidentally work has already begun, as you can see in the first phase of our online platform at Jamlink’s framework will take into consideration the following two components:---- A for profit enterprise with complete adherence to entrepreneurship and personal gain; and- A non-for-profit arm to mobilize our efforts around some of the issues affecting Jamaica.The operation will be based in Florida, and will be appropriately named. And as such, all subsequent partnerships and stakeholder relationships will be mandated by both state and federal guidelines. As a matter of fact, the non-for-profit arm of Jamlink is already in place – for the past 3 years, Jamlink has been the trademark of “Vonergy” - a 501(c) (3) charitable organization established to promote cohesive advocacy throughout the Jamaica community abroad.

Working together---Several of you receiving this correspondence are already aware of these plans, and are expected to act according to your respective commitments. For those of you not yet familiar with Jamlink, you can learn more by contacting us. You may also want to sign-up at our website to receive updates on our progress.The initial funding for this start-up venture is being obtained from our fundraising campaigns, namely our:- Advertising programs- Third-party referral programs- Own a Virtual piece a Yawd Campaign Some of these online resources may benefit you personally and if so, we urge your support and participation as it will enable Jamlink’s continuous development.Jamlink’s online media platform remains a work in progress. And, a fully functional, and revenue generating Jamlink will create sustainable benefits for all those involved - a feat possible only by this creation of the largest online Jamaican-based network.


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Tuesday, January 22, 2008


1. Teach the people the importance of sacrifice and delayed-self gratification. The minds of the poor are weak and hence they are prime prey for advertising programs. Their self worth is very low and so they do almost anything to raise their self-worth. Hence you see hundreds of thousands of Jamaicans wasting their money on cell phones when they should be saving for the college education of their children or for their retirement.

2. Teach the people the importance of saving. Instead of buying items to boost self-worth the poor should be saving their money.

3. Teach the people the importance of education. In today's competitive world education is a must to break the poverty cycle. Turn off the cable television and save the money for school fees!

4. The poor must be taught to give. You will never appreciate a thing to the highest level until you learn to give it away. Whatever one gives one keeps. This is philosophical stuff, which I will not get into here but it is a proven spiritual principle!

5. The poor must be taught that having children out of wedlock and or unprepared leads to poverty! Jamaica is obviously overpopulated and while no one wants to talk about it, the actions that lead to this overpopulation is devastating us!

6. The poor must be taught that crime leads to poverty; not that poverty leads to crime! Demonstrations, locking down school property because of dissatisfaction as parents like to do, destroying business property during strikes, confiscating government property by refusing to return salary overpayments as the JTA literally just did, and using strikes as a prime negotiating tool all lead to poverty!

7. Teach the poor that dysfunctional family structures perpetuate the cycle of poverty! The single greatest factor destabilizing us is our runaway libido which has lead to widespread dysfunctional family structures and a population greater than the job potential of our economy but NO one sees this as a problem. Listen foreign investors will never invest in Jamaica the way they have invested in Costa Rica or Ireland because they have persons advising them and these advisors know that the quality of a country's work force is directly related to the quality of the country's family life. So we are trying to put paste on a festering wound and wondering why it will not heal. We will never have lasting prosperity as long as we have widespread dysfunctional families.

8. Overpopulation leads directly to poverty especially when GNP growth does not parallel it.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

John Antohony writes...

John Anthony
New York
January 17, 2008

I am on record as saying, based on the historyof the JCF and the widespread corruption in the force,the incident in Tivoli Grdens this past week, resembles a wanton extra judicial killing. Many Jamaicans have never read the AmnestyInternational or Americas Watch reports on the JCF,but if they did unbiasedly, they would perhaps neverbelieve anything the police force reports on incidentslike this one! Here is an excerpt from the of war on human rights inJamaica:Police abuse has been documented by national andinternational organisations numerous times in the past30 years.

In 1986, an Americas Watch report, HumanRights in Jamaica, concluded that there existed inJamaica: ''a practice of summary executions by thepolice; a practice of unlawful detentions by thepolice at times accompanied by police assaults ondetainees; and a practice of confining detainees inpolice station lock-ups under squalid and degradingconditions.