Tuesday, January 3, 2017

7 Trends in the business world

A New Year means new beginnings. As an entrepreneur, what product or service can you provide to the island, to the diaspora or the world? Greatness is in you so let’s pull it out of your mind and into something tangible. Here are some ideas for you to consider:
1.        1. The printing paradigm has changed; we now have 3D printing. Computers can now print molds, jewelry and plastics. If you are a graphic designer, can collect residuals each time your products are printed.
2.      2.  Robotics and automatons is the rave. There is an emerging market in the hospitality utilizing robots. Tourism is vital to the Jamaican economy and they will do the manual labor. Who will do the programming for the robot?
3.     3.    A gig workforce is the new trend. This will be agencies for you to seek employment. i.e. www.elance.com  Become a virtual assistant.
4.     4.    Pay attention to cyber security. Concern yourself with Doxing. Doxing is when people intentionally hack your computer and release your confidential information. Can we say: Ashley Madison?  If you are a business owner, make sure your cloud information is safe. If you are an IT person, this is an area of demand.
5.     5.    Business owners must have new payment options. You limit yourself with the being cash only business. Conduct payment in square, equipment for credit card, Have EMV chip technology and Omni commerce technology.
6.     6.    Delivery services are on the rise. Here are some popular site: www.DoorDash.com, www.instacart.com and www.uber.com
7.       7.  Online learning is on the rise.  More and more schools are offering schools online if you can’t attend their brick and mortar campus. You can even learn for free from You Tube clips and GCF Learning.