Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Leadership Survival

What will you do to make yourself unique? How will your product or service stand out?  The business world can be a nasty place, if you are not prepared. Here are some effective tools to become an effective leader.

1.       Never outshine the chief. People above you should never feel intimated because if they do, plan on being targeted. Position yourself to make your superiors appear brilliant and you will receive favors from them in many ways.

2.       Never put too much trust in associates. Be wary of your surroundings. Human nature is just that, regardless of your relationship with that person. Envy is always lurking around the corner, which will result in tyranny.

3.       Disguise your aims. Don’t tell everything because if you do, your competitors will create a defense. Keep them guessing on what are you really doing. False trails are always the best because by the time they figure it out, you are ahead to the game.

4.       Continually say less than necessary. No one likes a busy body. The more you say, the less you appear to be intriguing. You may be repeating something but do it in a way as if it is an original.

5.       Reputation is everything. The good books in Proverbs speaks of a good name is better than fine jewelry. Status alone can be the trump card to win or intimate your opponent; therefore, one slip will make you vulnerable and susceptible to attack.

6.       Encourage consideration at all cost. Why be ordinary? No one cares for followers or the perception of average. Stand out and be conspicuous. We are all selfish and people want to know what is in it for them. The way you attract, will answer that very question.

7.       Develop others to do the work but always take the credit. When you use insight and the groundwork of others, you save time and energy. The goal will be achieved with minimum input of your time, while you get the credit.

8.       Create the narrative so that others come to you. Forcing people to do things against their will is momentary success. You will have to continue harsh power for control. However, if people do things of their own free will, a better and longer production mode is in place. Make people feel they have control or power.

9.       Earn respect through your actions, never through argument. Ever hear the term, less is more? Demonstrate not illuminate. This is the ultimate power. Brute force will only conjure up ill will, which means you are leading.

1.   Septicity: avoid the unfortunate and luckless. Where does negativity take you? Nowhere! Don’t allow someone else’s misery to take you down. Yes, you should help others for it is the humane thing to do but not at the expense of your economic or political interest.