Tuesday, September 1, 2020



In my book, "Leave The Rat Race To The Rats", I deal extensively with racism from a very unique perspective. I blame racism on what Occupy Wall Street refer to as the 1%, the richest one per cent of America who dominate American politics. Instead of calling them the 1%, I refer to them as American Supremacists. Here is an excerpt on racism from my book:


 Blacks have been and continue to be the victims of racism in America. It is worst in the ghetto. They have suffered at the hands of whites. Even today there is still hostility between blacks and whites because of this. But alas, most people have missed the big picture. Racism is unnatural. Black and white kids play together to grow up as enemies. Why? Because as Rodgers and Hammerstein points out in “South Pacific”, “you have to be carefully taught, you have to be carefully taught”. Racism has not only been carefully taught, but it has been promoted and exploited for political gain by the 1%, the American Supremacists. Even the worst crime committed against black people, slavery, was not done for the benefit of white people. It was done for the benefit of the 1%. Lots of white people lost their jobs to slaves, just like lots of Americans are losing their jobs to near slave labor overseas.

 Many white people think these promoters of white supremacy and white privilege care about them. What folly! Do these American Supremacists care that millions of white people do not have basic healthcare? Do these American Supremacists care that jobs for white Americans are being sent overseas wholesale? Do these American Supremacists care that millions of white workers do not make a living wage? Do they care that millions of white workers are losing their full-time jobs to become part-time, thus losing job benefits like pensions, promotion opportunities, job security, vacation and sick leave? Not only do they not care, but they oppose them. They do not care about black people but they do not care about white people either. The way to fight racism is to fight divide and conquer. Too often fighting racism worsens conditions between white and blacks to the delight of the 1%. The solution lies in the goodwill-to-all revolution. The solution lies in the pursuit of goodwill towards all. In the ghetto, we will seek to use the goodwill revolution to eliminate racism. All America will be next."