Friday, February 1, 2019

Loving the best of me

As the saying goes, “never internalize anyone’s disrespect”.  This is the 1st sign of self-love. What is your value? It can never come from someone else. This is an inside job. If you are not sure how to do this, read following and use these rules as guideline for that journey.

1.       Ask yourself what do you bring to the table. Are your marketable skills up to date? This will determine if you get that phone call or email.

2.       If you get terminated, do you have a plan B. Don’t depend on anyone to support you. Maybe you have a rich spouse, inherit some money but that could dry up. Your two hands are what will save and support you.

3.       Always have the ability to relocate. Jamaicans in the diaspora decided that living in Jamaica is not the only option for economic survival. Traveling also introduce you to multiple perspectives.

4.       Develop credible relationships. Should you find yourself looking for a job, good references are needed.

5.       What bad habit do you need to discontinue? As human beings, we call have vices but sometimes this can become a major hindrance.

6.       Always evaluate your current circumstances at least one a year. Ask yourself why you are here in this situation. What is the rate of return and does it impact your integrity. This will determine if you stay, leave or make adjustments.

7.       Does my current circumstance provide a vertical or horizontal opportunity?

8.       Does my current environment permit me to elevate.