Wednesday, November 1, 2023

5 Tips on the path to success


Stay on the path of success. Insecure people will try to block your progress for they fear that your achievement is a loss for them. If you are disheartened, they will feel emboldened to control you economical or politically. How do you circumvent that? Here are five tips to keep you on the path of success:

1.     If you know an older successful business person, talk to them. They have the experience to ins and outs of being an entrepreneur.

2.     If you see younger successful business person, don’t discourage them. Think about Bill Gates when he began his company. The youth see the world differently and could share an idea that will change the world. Stop being suspicious.

3.     Don’t be fooled by Instagram success. Just because someone is posing next to a nice car or wearing designer clothes doesn’t mean they own any of that stuff. For example, ladies can now rent designer Louis Viton or Gucci hand bags.

4.     Stop people all your plans. If they are envious and silently envy you, you will be discouraged by that very “friend” or “family” that you entrusted your dreams. Work in silence and let your accomplishments speaks for itself.

5.     Move, if the environment is not positive. Shift the energy and change the location. Movements create energy that will take you to success. Take what you learned in one place and apply it in your new dwelling.