Thursday, December 1, 2022

Making money moves



                What is a money move? It’s about getting paid; now how do you get it? Well, sometimes you have to take a leap of faith and jump off that cliff. When you see people being and having what you want, don’t envy them (Jamaicans call it badmind) for they took that parachute and headed towards the door, while the plane was still in the air. Now for some, the parachute trip was not a smooth flight path. Many hit bumps and rocks but eventually, they make it down from the sky to tell their story about financial success. Here are some ideas towards making the money move:

1.     Create informational products and sell it on line. Providing people with detailed steps on how to do something for what they need will pay you.

2.     Purchase rental property. Whether it’s a two flat or a complex, people need to place to live. Entrepreneurs solve problems.

3.     Try affiliate marketing. How affiliates work is that a company will give you commission whenever you provide a sale for their product. It can be as easy as placing a link on your website. Not bad, if you can anticipate the customer’s needs.

4.     Earn income from stocks. All you have to do is own a piece of company and stocks can be bought as cheaply as $5.