Friday, December 1, 2017

Money Programs

What is a money program? Are there specific rules? The money program will solve an issue and open doors for you. This will be determined by your passion.

                Who or what makes you feel enough passion for motivation? That special sensation is a clue to how you will utilize a money program. Your emotions are a clue to your priorities. Do you know what they are? Here are 7 rules to adhere to a money program:

1.       Set goals. i.e. I am going to save 10% of all my revenue streams

2.       Plan your money ideas in writing. Yes, you can dream it in your mind but put it in writing to give you something tangible.

3.       Giving unlocks abundance; call it karma or tiding. You can only receive with an open hand
4.       Automate your investing. On every payday, have your  check deduct a set amount and place in investing .

5.       Stop worrying. What good will that does for your spirit? Say to yourself “ more money is part of my blessing”

6.       Learn your credit score.  It’s free!  Trans Union and Euquifax will send your credit score once a year.

7.       Always keep an eye out for new income streams for it is never too late to be an entrepreneur.