Sunday, February 1, 2009

Tirade on the legalization of corruption

Written by Carol Lawton

Let legalize corruption! Why? It makes complete sense! My first point is that its already institutionalizes in Jamaica . The second is the lack of respect for time. The third is poor customer service. It just makes sense and will be less stressful to do business.

Taxes will be gathered better because there is someone to cook the books and stamp it approved just like the government accounting. The formal economy will be equal to the informal economy in that it’s a free for all and the restriction of government is gone and information and connections in a lethargic civil service will prove of great value which the private sector can now move to without the microscope of government.

The government can then add a corruption fee to grease the wheel of this useless civil service. I speak of it this way because it is not here for the public but to ensure that they exist so let them hustle for it and the better hustler in the system win. They will set the price for doing business with the government for the service based on time. Each setting their own prices for moving things fast through the red tape. Out of each hustle the government will get a commission and will not have to pay their salaries as the hustle will be more than their take home.

The civil service will be based upon production pay. No work No production no pay! Cant deliver a document faster than another civil servant you lose the money to the other. Rude and indifferent to the public, you lose to the people person type who is able to build their network faster. Just think how much the few tax payer will save if they don’t have to pay the civil service. Essential service could be outsource to foreign companies who would always be on edge for the next bidding so they would provide a good service and know that if the don’t lay down in bed with corruption a next person may just get it. The citizen will get to decided who they want for a fire service, a security company as a police force, import doctors and nurses for medical, imported farm workers to replace what we have, This will free up Jamaican to be full time hustlers.

The government could do away with all the departments that monitor corruption as it will be an obstacle to a pure system of liaise faire capitalism which many think they can play. But take away the rules and lets play is what the private sector would like to say to the government and underground economy. Hustling could be a university degree as who really needs to spend time and money gathering knowledge and skill. We will then have a society of full tertiary educated people. Math skills would go out the roof as Montego Bay will become the financial capital of Jamaica due to the sophisticated hustling schools and operations. There will not need to be a dependent on tourism just a digital track to their bank account.

Contracts could be cleared easily and the work finish which could push the country faster to their first world status. The Ministry of foreign affairs can make it clear as well as the Ministry of commerce that we are really ready to use our full pool of well trained hustlers and the wheel are ready for greasing. We can revert back to the good old days of dog eat dog cut throat competition with no barrier to trade. No visas, no work permits just a global cesspool of the best corrupt people the world can offer now imagine the outsourcing that could go on with even that guy with that $50 billion Ponzi scheme. Even 10% of that if we had given him support could do the country well.

Why should we not think about it now that corruption can be a good thing since it is already there. It cost too much to get rid of. We already have a world rating for it. Lets be the best at it. It’s a thought for the coming 2009. A country whose GDP is based purely on the informal sector, non performing civil service and corruption vs the minuscule production of a dying private sector while improving the function of the public sector. Imagine full employment! Well have anyone ver propose it? Lets think about it. LOL