Thursday, October 1, 2020

Natalee’s letter

Written by Natalie Clark Richards

 During this time of global pandemic where COVID-19 has caused us to literally go inward. I imagine I have at least one person who is doing some inner reflection and having great memories of sweet, sweet Jamaica. Like myself, you are grateful for all the lessons and fun over the years. During self-reflection, I wrote her this letter.

Dear Jamaica,

I truly miss you; I reminisce on the days I grew up in the hills of St. Ann. I would wake up before the sun rises, and watch its entrance over the majestic mountains, listen to the birds sing, the butterflies flutter by, the smell of the fresh morning dew and the harmony of nature.

I love how relaxed and at peace I feel when I spend time with you. You truly know how to calm my spirit and set my mind at ease. Jamaica, when I spend time with you all I see is abundance. You are creative, vibrant, joyful and have a divine spirit. These are the same sentiments I seek within me and share with the world. Thank you for teaching me, and showing me, I already have that which I seek.

Jamaica, I love you so much, being away I am able to see your true strength. You are resilient, creative, confident, bold and courageous. You stand tall and own your beauty, you know you were meant to be here, to share your love with others and also tell them of their beauty and courage.

I know you have had some challenges, we all do. I am always captivated by your ability to rise above the challenges, to keep going and reaching toward your goal. When I am apprehensive, I am also reminded of my exceptional ability within me to rise above and grow through to new opportunities.

Jamaica, I love you! I am overjoyed to say I really know what it means to say No weh no betta dan yaad! No problem man! Nuff respect!

If you have never been to my Island, or it has been a while since you have soaked up her beauty. You owe yourself a travel treat. Enjoy & One Love!