Wednesday, November 1, 2017

7 Things you do to improve your chances of becoming employed

Do you have an adventures spirit? How flexible are you in terms of changing careers? One never knows. If you want to try something different, apply these techniques.

1.       Relocation, if you’re not married or have school age children. Think about moving. There are less job options in Chicago, IL but a lot more work to be found in Atlanta GA.

2.       Join Linkedin. You name it, all the heavy hitters are there and so should you.

3.       Attend job fairs. This is more effective than ads in the newspaper or online job sites. The recruiter will have a direct connection with you face to face, which is you advantage to make a good impression.

4.       Do you have a passport? Counties like Dubai and 3rd world countries are an entrepreneurs dream.

5.       Get on social media. It is no longer a site for you to search for friends or a lost love. Brands such as Apple or BMW all have a social media presence, so why not you?

6.       Increase you resume submission to more than 4 per day.

7.       Get affiliated with professional organizations