Saturday, October 1, 2022

Walking into your destiny


Look into the mirror and say “I am beautiful and deserve the universe’s blessings”. Believe it and it will be so. Yes, if no one else says it, you say it and believe this. Self-love is so important. Why? Because loving your self allows the impossible to become possible.

                Unemployed or in a stagnant job, self-love will lead you to keep trying new, innovative ideas. Usain Bolt is the fastest human because he loved himself enough to stay away from drugs, remain in the gym to develop his muscles and practice on the track perfecting his technique. Self-love waters the soul and creates harmony.

                Musicians’ understand the impact of vibrations, melody and harmony. Bob Marley’s self-love told him that good things do come out of Trench Town. Bob sang about his experiences, making the best out of his surroundings. Some of Marley’s lyrics explored the depths of the human condition, which resonated with others worldwide.

                The only way to walk into your destiny is to take one step at a time. In Malcolm Gladwell’s book the Outlier, he stated that a minimum of 10,000 hours is required for anyone to reach the zenith of the objective, so don’t worry if your dreams and goals are taking a while. Whatever is supposed to be for you, Karma will bring it to you. Now deep breathe, and breathe and breathe.

Thursday, September 1, 2022

Know your worth


So you want to be an entrepreneur. Great! What does that entail? This word is getting more popular each day, so let’s analyze if this venture is for you. Are you willing to market yourself to the public? The brand that is being promoted has to appeal to someone but not everyone. This is your niche audience. For example, Jamaicans living in the diaspora may be hit with a sense of nostalgia for homemade meal. How can you fulfil that craving? This can be done my making them aware of your product.

Step one is awareness. How to get their attention? One way is social media. This is a must for 1st world countries. Long before they step into your restaurant, they will check out your website, yelp comments and other online features.  Add content on your website to create value. Use key words in your brand name and place targeted hashtags on your social media.

Step two is to create trust. I.e. when you go to a restaurant, you are expecting a quality product. By providing excellent food, you build a positive relationship with you and the customer. This becomes a nurturing atmosphere where friends and family will want to patronize.

Step three is to create an incentive. For instance, providing a free side dish will entice them to choose your establishment over the competition. Some owners don’t see the value for giving away anything but remember, the more you give is the more you get. Put others 1st and your needs 2nd. Making money is the product of adding value and establishing rapport.

If you can make the public aware, create trust and create incentives, you can begin the entrepreneurial journey. Just remember to be creative and unique. Always value yourself and know your worth. Finally, never settle for what you don’t want.

Monday, August 1, 2022

Side Gigs


Generation y and z will not experience what the baby boomers had in terms of employment. Todays millennial will move from job to job every 3-4 years. The work model will trend towards gigs. What is a gig? It is means having paid work, but temporarily. To remain viable in the gig economy, have the follow:

1.     An ability to receive payment using pay pal, cash app, venom and zellepay. We are moving into a cashless world and these are the popular ones to consider.

2.     Have a social media presence. This is good for your brand and potential employers. Linkedin is where many recruiters go to see your portfolio. Social media is used to create content. If you are an artist, this is an invaluable tool.

Some of the most popular gig web sites are:

·          - here you can hire someone help in moving or offer the public your ability to move items.

·           here you can hire some to help in with a tech problem.

·          – here you can become an independent currier for Amazon.

·          here you can teach or be taught a particular skill.

Thursday, July 7, 2022

Benefits of soursop


Soursop is a member of the family of fruits known as custard apples. Soursop is often called pawpaw, but shouldn’t be confused with its cousin known as pawpaw that managed to adapt and survive in northern climates. Jamaican soursop is green, has white flesh, can weigh up to 10 pounds, and the skin is covered in blunt spines. Visually, it’s been described as resembling a pine cone, with the flavor likened to a cross between a pineapple and a mango. Seeds are extremely toxic. Individuals that do eat soursop should limit their intake to ½ a cup a few days per week as it’s highly potent. Soursop is used within the perfume industry, and is popular for use in milkshakes, smoothies and a variety of chilled beverages. Practitioners of folk medicine and homeopathic methods have used it for centuries as a sedative and to address maladies ranging from parasitic infections and fever to inflammation.

The following are 12 benefits of soursop.

1. Soursop is used within the food industry for making candy, ice cream, jams and jellies, and yogurt, along with syrups, frozen and alcoholic beverages and canning purposes.

2. The fruit is rich in antioxidants that neutralize free radicals that cause the signs of aging.

3. For those that want to boost their immune system, the fruit is rich in vitamin C.

4. Soursop contains considerable fiber that makes people feel fuller longer for weight loss concerns and promotes digestive health.

5. The potassium in soursop aids the body in ridding excess sodium that can lead to high blood pressure and heart disease.

6. Soursop contains 12 essential vitamins and trace minerals the body requires to function properly.

7. One soursop contains 413 calories, 105 carbohydrates, 85 grams of sugar, 6 grams of protein, 2 grams of fat, and 21 grams of fiber.

8. Soursop contains natural analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties. It’s beneficial for addressing gingivitis, yeast infections, pain, and to accelerate wound healing.

9. It was once used to determine color parameters in camera film.


10. Soursop is high in magnesium and calcium for maintaining healthy bones.


11. It contains riboflavin and vitamin C to assist in good vision and protects against night blindness and macular degeneration.


12. Soursop leaves and seeds are a component in modern compounds for treating head lice, bedbugs and other insects.

Wednesday, June 1, 2022

7 ways to make money online


It is estimated that 70% of university grads leave Jamaica because of the limited employment opportunities available on the island. Creating online opportunities is a valid option and one way to stay in Jamaica instead of becoming a diasporian. The net allows you to make a living, while enjoying the sun and sand on the “rock”. Also, in this era it is best to have multiple streams of revenue. Having an income from just one source is not a good idea, especially if other family members are relying on you. Obtaining a smart phone, access to the internet and the use of a computer gives you choices. Here are some ways to make money online:

1.       E-Commerce – selling a physical product. Some examples are selling on Amazon or Shopify

2.    Drop shipping – working with wholesalers and distribution to move product

3.   Affiliate Marketing- attach a company’s link to your website, blog or social media and you get commission

4.   Software Business aka SAS –create active campaigns, go to meeting; create software that solves the needs of the market.

5.  Google Ad Sense- Ad program that allows you to run Ads on your website, blog or You Tube channel.

6.  Expert Business – packaging your expert skill i.e. creation of teachable class, Udemy, online classes, training program, digital marketer anything to enhance people’s life.

7.  Become a professional You Tuber. All you need to do is create something that a particular niche would benefit. In other words, “What’s in it for me and why am I giving you 10 minutes of my viewing time?” Some examples of successful Jamaican You Tubers are Mouta Massi, JaRadio TV and kevin2wokrayzee. Each of their presentations of Jamaican culture is unique and that is why their channels are so popular.

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Focus on your niche


Finding the place where you fit in and feel successful benefits you as well as your potential audience.  This is why having a focus on your content and brand is very powerful. Who you are providing a product or service determines your niche. Because so many things comprise your unique personality, certain factors will have to be taken into consideration to captivate your audience. There is no such thing as one size fits all.

Who is my audience? This is the most practical thing you must consider in your entrepreneur journey. What is your purpose? It must align with practically to avoid burn out. By taking things in bit size chucks, you won’t feel overwhelmed. As the saying goes “How do you eat an elephant? You take one bite at a time.” Consider what are you trying to achieve and its time frame. Practically means revenue. In other words, is the startup cost realistic? Can I do this business online or do I need a storefront?  We live in the internet era, so be sure to open the following accounts in order to get paid in a timely manner: Paypal, Stripe, Venmo, Cash App.

Friday, April 1, 2022



We live in a fast passed world and because of that, we often give more to others than to ourselves. How long can that work without burning out? When you are burnt out, what is left for you? Stop doing that because life is too short. Savor moments and create memories. The best way to do that is to create options. Here are some easy steps to take:

1.       Give yourself permission to ask for help. Remember the only bad question is the one you did not ask out of pride and fear.

2.       Give yourself permission to say no. This creates boundaries in order to save your energy for what you really want to do.

3.       Give yourself permission to set the bar high.  However, it is ok that you don’t complete the intended task. As the saying goes: if you reach for the stars and if you don’t get them, at least got to the sky. Doing your best is what counts.

4.       Give yourself permission to take a chance. Yes, believe in yourself and don’t ever listen to someone else who tells you that you can’t. Ask yourself why are they telling you not to do it? Is it because your success means they now have to evaluate themselves. You can hear advice but always listen to your voice.