Saturday, April 1, 2023

Counting your paper



You are worthy and deserve to live in the best frequency that the universe has to offer. If you are willing to work hard, success is there for you. Tell the universe that you are number 1 and never say “I lack” because that opens the door to negativity.  Be specific in your request and the law of attraction will bring your desires. For many, it is money. Since we live in the social media era, here are some creative ways to count your paper:

1.       Google AdSense on You Tube- This program requires a minimum 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours. For each ad that runs on your channel, you will be compensated.

2.       Products and merchandise –By placing your logo or tag on merchandise, loyal fans will support you.

3.       Sales funnels - Establish an audience.  Get to understand them by building know, like and trust relationships for that niche. This is the most lucrative way to monetize.

4.       Brand sponsorships – If a company likes you, they will give you a link for you to place on your site. Don’t accept every brand offer. Products must have integrity. If you won’t use it, don’t encourage your audience to buy it. For in the end, you will lose your community’s support if things are not up to par. Remember, not all money is good money.

Thursday, March 2, 2023

Getting the bag


It is not hard to make money, especially if you are in good health.  Set your mind on it and find a way to solve a problem for a niche group. The internet age is an avenue you can use to accomplish this task. Here are some creative ideas to get that bag of money:

Direct video marketing

·         Paid on demand

·         Vimeo

Sponsored Content

·         Pay per performance

·         Flat rate

·         Cost per action

Joint Venture Partner

·         You sell on your platform and get commission

·         Network Marketing but be cation on pyramid scheme

·         Selling tangible products

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Stacking your coins


In this day and age having a single source of income is not a good idea. The company could go bankrupt, become obsolete (Blockbusters) or you get terminated.  What is your plan B? What gigs do you have lined up until the income flows steadily again? Consider these ideas for stacking your coins:

Affiliate marketing

·         Amazon

·         Blue host website

·         Commission junction

Creating your own product and sell it online; this is you intellectual property.

·         Write a books – don’t have to go to a publishing company

·         Create music – don’t have to go a record label

·         Videos

·         Photos

·         Audios

·         Graphics

Online Ads

·         Adsence

Monday, January 2, 2023

The most important person


Jamaican Proverb

What ah fiyu cyaa be un-fiyu


Whatever is meant for you can never be taken away from you. The phrase is usually said to someone who has overcome many challenges to achieve their goals.

Don’t ever try to fit in when God clearly created you to stand out. No one should go along to get along especially when morals and values come into question. Whatever is meant to be, the creator will provide a way for you to have it. Decisions that are made on impulse will impact you now and the future. The most important person is you, so always say these affirmations:

·         I am the best.

·         I can do it.

·         God is always with me.

·         My future is positive and I come back from my setbacks.

Remember crisis come not to destroy you but reveals the cracks in your life that needs attention.

Thursday, December 1, 2022

Making money moves



                What is a money move? It’s about getting paid; now how do you get it? Well, sometimes you have to take a leap of faith and jump off that cliff. When you see people being and having what you want, don’t envy them (Jamaicans call it badmind) for they took that parachute and headed towards the door, while the plane was still in the air. Now for some, the parachute trip was not a smooth flight path. Many hit bumps and rocks but eventually, they make it down from the sky to tell their story about financial success. Here are some ideas towards making the money move:

1.     Create informational products and sell it on line. Providing people with detailed steps on how to do something for what they need will pay you.

2.     Purchase rental property. Whether it’s a two flat or a complex, people need to place to live. Entrepreneurs solve problems.

3.     Try affiliate marketing. How affiliates work is that a company will give you commission whenever you provide a sale for their product. It can be as easy as placing a link on your website. Not bad, if you can anticipate the customer’s needs.

4.     Earn income from stocks. All you have to do is own a piece of company and stocks can be bought as cheaply as $5.

Saturday, October 1, 2022

Walking into your destiny


Look into the mirror and say “I am beautiful and deserve the universe’s blessings”. Believe it and it will be so. Yes, if no one else says it, you say it and believe this. Self-love is so important. Why? Because loving your self allows the impossible to become possible.

                Unemployed or in a stagnant job, self-love will lead you to keep trying new, innovative ideas. Usain Bolt is the fastest human because he loved himself enough to stay away from drugs, remain in the gym to develop his muscles and practice on the track perfecting his technique. Self-love waters the soul and creates harmony.

                Musicians’ understand the impact of vibrations, melody and harmony. Bob Marley’s self-love told him that good things do come out of Trench Town. Bob sang about his experiences, making the best out of his surroundings. Some of Marley’s lyrics explored the depths of the human condition, which resonated with others worldwide.

                The only way to walk into your destiny is to take one step at a time. In Malcolm Gladwell’s book the Outlier, he stated that a minimum of 10,000 hours is required for anyone to reach the zenith of the objective, so don’t worry if your dreams and goals are taking a while. Whatever is supposed to be for you, Karma will bring it to you. Now deep breathe, and breathe and breathe.

Thursday, September 1, 2022

Know your worth


So you want to be an entrepreneur. Great! What does that entail? This word is getting more popular each day, so let’s analyze if this venture is for you. Are you willing to market yourself to the public? The brand that is being promoted has to appeal to someone but not everyone. This is your niche audience. For example, Jamaicans living in the diaspora may be hit with a sense of nostalgia for homemade meal. How can you fulfil that craving? This can be done my making them aware of your product.

Step one is awareness. How to get their attention? One way is social media. This is a must for 1st world countries. Long before they step into your restaurant, they will check out your website, yelp comments and other online features.  Add content on your website to create value. Use key words in your brand name and place targeted hashtags on your social media.

Step two is to create trust. I.e. when you go to a restaurant, you are expecting a quality product. By providing excellent food, you build a positive relationship with you and the customer. This becomes a nurturing atmosphere where friends and family will want to patronize.

Step three is to create an incentive. For instance, providing a free side dish will entice them to choose your establishment over the competition. Some owners don’t see the value for giving away anything but remember, the more you give is the more you get. Put others 1st and your needs 2nd. Making money is the product of adding value and establishing rapport.

If you can make the public aware, create trust and create incentives, you can begin the entrepreneurial journey. Just remember to be creative and unique. Always value yourself and know your worth. Finally, never settle for what you don’t want.