Tuesday, May 19, 2020


1.       Memba a go undaneat the cellar fi the fowl egg (yes I do)

2.       Memba playing "Miss Mary Mack Mack Mack, All Dressed In Black Black Black"

3.       Memba a kick foot ball wid yu fren dem roun' a ball grong

4.       Memba when Cristmus come and we watch JohnCunu jump up and down and we get fraid?

5.       Memba yu madda sen yu go a shop and yu sing the list all the way deh ... "one pint milk, one bread, 1 lb a flour. But when yu reach deh, yu tell the shop keeper yu want "1 pint of bread, 1 lb of milk & a flour

6.       Memba when yu last yu madda money and yu fraid fi go back home because she might beat yu

7.       Memba settin up the roosta dem fi fight

8.       Memba all dem good duppy story, and nancy story wi 'ear growing up

9.       Memba how yu use to fraid fi walk a night cause yu tink sey black-heart-man woulda tek yu weh

1.   Memba when bokkle cut yu foot bottam dung a gully

1.   Memba when yu use to stone Missa Smith mango tree dem, and we use to tink seh him have gun

1.   Memba when yu left all day and go a rivva an go cook and when yu come come yu get a beaten

.   Memba when yu unifarm get dirty Monday marning, and Yu madda beat yu ina di evening