Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Awaken the entrepreneur within

Are you getting tired of your 9-5? Ever dream about being your own boss? If so, then you must begin to develop a boss mindset. A blueprint will lead you in that direction. Remember this is an inside job that will lead to outside actions. Practice these things on a regular basis:

1.     Invest as much as you can in training education and knowledge. Libraries and the internet offers free classes.

2.     Have faith and belief in yourself becoming successful.

3.     Examine your surroundings. Who supports you when you share your dream verses who puts you down. Minimalize your interaction with the person putting you down. They are a vexation to your spirit and progress.

4.     Meditate 10- 20 minutes daily. Everything starts in the mind. See it to achieve it.
Money gives you choices. This does not make you a bad person for looking out for number #1. However, morality and integrity must always be a part of your decision. Your purpose for providing a product or service should fulfill a need. This will be the catalyst to bring it into being and encourage productivity. Always do things that will push you forward positively.