Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tirade on the Market and Downtown Kingston and Street Wisdom

Written by Carol Lawton from www.FinditJamaica.com

In the street you learn the streets, its alleys, its lanes, its corners and each person who travel through it. The market is a dynamic factor that when politician and administrators make a decision they do not see the ripple effects. An orderly downtown market is needed before any invest will flow into the area by outside. The city needs to look at creative finance and collection which I think is being looked at and not the central government.

The money that moves in that small area is crazy as good are exchanged and redistribute across the island. Even a simple decision as remove the ugly stall carries a ripple effect. Lets me show you how 2 garbage wood pallets are worth $36K per year. A wooden stall is rented for $100 per day hence $3K per month hence $36K per year. Now imagine when one man owns 100 of these stalls, 20 push carts (rent as well to cart men) to move them and goods around .The underground economy is huge just for him as when you see him you will have pity thinking he is not making money. The chaos ensures him making money. I could pull numerous works in downtown that are high paying but would be silly as we all know them. (Assumption on my part)

Hence to remove him would affect the haggler from country, the follow of goods across the market, and efficiency of the market. But a man like this making over $3M does not even have a high school diploma. When these people are making that amount of money how can we tell the young around them that education will make them money vs. hustling. The hustling is business so no pity for these people who make as much as the PM. I had though the present JLP would move rapidly to pull these people into the fold by changing the tool called the TRN from a money collection tool to a system development tool to close the informal economy which does not give it full share to the government and erodes the formal economy.

Frankly the city can afford to fix it now that it has made its collections more efficient at 70 percent up from 30 percent. Lets be frank as usual, the KSAC councilors have no excuse for the bull that they are pulling off about their party is not in power, the MP is not giving anything, the central government is not helping. Its all bull. If revenue is at $15billion that means the city now has almost US$200 million to invest into the city which can be expand further by grabbing the other 30%. This is recurring money since these fees and city taxes are due every year.

The collection of taxes from the citizens by the KSAC could even by government paper and be a part of the city portfolio. The sale of government paper would be sold to the KSAC as Samari bonds at rates that are variable and equal to the inflation rate of a hard currency on which the bonds could be pegged hence no 14% and higher rates but 2-3%. If it’s the welfare, you politicians are about these are the ideas that are out there. But a poor man’s wisdom is lost up high and the fool is praised for his/her inaction. Jamaica not land of wood and water but land of talk and talk. Stop the hustling of the people. Stop the informal economy as its not all drugs but its untaxable business activity that we all know.

Lets stop the garbage and put the taxpayer money to work on rebuilding the city vs. hiding behind falsity of inaction. The generation that is looking at you is very much analyzing the system making rational decision as to if the system is for them. The formal economy pays taxes but get no service, the informal pays nothing and gets no service. Yet the revenue is there to create an efficient system which is equitable to all. But hi this is just what this poor man learns from walking the street and listening to the corner talk.

PS: They are not all idlers and criminals on those corners

Friday, October 31, 2008

Obama's election

Written by George Graham - www.geocities.com/gwgraeme

I have to confess that I never dreamed a person of color would become the President of the world’s most powerful nation in my lifetime. Yet it looks as if that is about to happen. When I was a boy, Jamaica was still a British colony. At Munro College, the teachers (whom we called “masters”) were all British, and they made no secret of the fact that the best we Jamaican students could hope to become was second-class Englishmen.

True, to those of us who were light-skinned (Jamaica white), our complexion was an asset. To be darker was to be even more disadvantaged. Belonging (like most Jamaicans) to a multiracial extended family, where some of us were blonde and blue-eyed and others were coffee-colored or darker, I regarded this prejudice with resentment.

My resentment grew when I immigrated to Canada during the 1950s to find that there, too, the English and their descendants were put on a pedestal.

I suppose this perception was a legacy of the colonial era when aggressive white races - with their slave ships, their merchant ships and their warships – roamed the earth and dominated the people they encountered. Whatever the reason, the presumption of European ethnic superiority has stuck in my craw all my life.

Despite all this, I won’t vote for Barack Obama just because he is African-American. I will also vote for him because he is incredibly gifted. He is poised, intelligent, humane and reasonable. A voracious reader, he has learned from many and diverse sources. His ability to listen, absorb, evaluate and select makes him an exceptional leader. And his ability to inspire presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to transform an increasingly ugly world.

Around the globe, people are killing each other over racial, philosophical and religious differences. The message today is, “Be like me and agree with me or I’ll blow you up!” That’s why Obama’s reasonable approach is so important. That’s why crowds of idealistic young people flock to his side, daring to hope for change.

Make no mistake; the fact that Obama is African-American is of very great importance – not just to Americans but to people around the world.

For one thing, I believe his election as President of the United States of America would enhance the credibility of all non-white people. Television commentator Dan Rather compared Obama to Tiger Woods. And I would compare him to Jackie Robinson, who broke the color barrier in baseball, and Jack Johnson, the first black heavyweight champion of the world.

But this is so much more important. Golf, baseball and boxing are sports. The leadership of the free world is a matter of life or death. Elect John McCain and Americans can look forward to wars and the horror of wars, the retreat of compassion and the rule of the law of the jungle, revered by financial bandits as “the free market.” (That kind of freedom could be translated as, “The powerful are free to plunder and ravage; the weak are free to go hungry and, if they get sick, to die.”)

I cannot conceive of a Jamaican expatriate voting for a Republican. When I listen to McCain and his running mate, Sarah Palin, I hear the echo of hooves at midnight and see the shadows of sheet-shrouded horsemen. I recall the indignities and injustices of Apartheid and the horrors of European colonization. And I cringe at the memory of terrifying tales I was told as a child about the slave ships and the slave masters.

Could the election of a person of color as the head of a predominantly white nation sweep away the memory of such atrocities? Maybe not. But it could pave the way for other historic breakthroughs. There would be hope for a dark-skinned Prime Minister in Canada, Britain or Australia, for example.

Martin Luther King’s dream might yet be realized, not only in America, but also around the world. People might actually be judged by their character and achievements, and not by the color of their skin or the birthplace of an ancient ancestor. Bob Marley’s evocative refrain might yet prove prophetic.

“One love, one heart. Let’s get together and feel all right.”

George Graham is a Jamaican-born journalist and author who has worked as a reporter in the Caribbean and North America for more than half a century. He lives in Lakeland, Florida. For information, see his web site at http://www.geocities.com/gwgraeme/.

A Presidential Choosing

Written by Chirs Daley - www.yardgeniusnetwork.com

In choosing a presidential candidate, keen discernment, not giddy longing is
required. This is extremely difficult given the pied piper atmosphere that engulfs
us. The backdrop of war and recession just adds to the drama, tension, runaway
panic and thus limited objective thinking.

In addition, we are indeed in the super bowl season of trash talking. It is the
season of the herd mentality, where quiet, reason reflection is swept away by the
tsunami of change and hope. Remember, a dead fish can float downstream, but
it takes a live one to swim upstream. It takes more courage to express a
personal conviction that runs counter to the stream, and this is what I hope to

Here we are a mosaic of people under the stress of political polemic peak-ness.
It is not only the difference in political outlook that is causing these gale force
winds, it is also the forced homogeneity that promises to strip one of individual
choice. Permit me to inject the rule of reason in the hope of informing one’s
objective sensibilities. Discernment requires critical thinking. Critical thinking is
not afraid to be wrong. It works with fairness, and respect. It is not hooked on the
consensus idea. It is not an undisciplined emotion that will give sway to the
current popularity wave, like a teenager at a jamming concert, but it does careful
analysis and evaluation for one’s self.

We come to this significant debate with the upfront acknowledgement that we are
shaped by our upbringing and conditioning, and thus monolithic conformity
disadvantage the group’s synergistic potential. There is no doubt that the
historical nature of the race has an enormous tug on the heart. Who wants to be
on the wrong side of history? I however, write this piece with a future grandchild
in mind. Should I be so privileged, I want to share the thinking and decisions that
guided my vote at this most historical moment. I would share that I used the timetested principle of paying more attention to the “marriage rather than the
courtship and wedding”.

So, let’s deal with the issue of race. If Dr. King could return, he would smile at
the progress that has been made. Yes, indeed America has made great strides in
living up to its constitutional creed. The enormous progress this country has
made in becoming a more perfect union should be trumpeted. Statements by
congressional leaders Murtha and Lewis discount this progress and attempt to
link the present with the dark past for political gain. Yes, there has been a surge
of racial harmony whose momentum is unstoppable. The major discrimination
initiatives have been to principally address race, gender, disability, and age. This
political season have provided us with candidates emphasizing all three
attributes. Surprisingly, the race element has received a significantly favorable
and very biased treatment, while vicious comments against Palin and McCain go
on without coverage and requisite outrage. The media that give us a information
window into these candidates have been most blatantly biased in this regard.
Given what folks have been through lately, the meltdown of the market driven by
government engineered failure, there is a reactive hunger for leadership. The
mantra of change and hope resonates within many hearts. The real question
needs to be what type of change is truly needed. Great leadership is not a casual
commodity, not an element endowed by a reaction to stress and fear.

Personally, I am looking for a leader with solid intellect, sound judgments, past
experience, and personal testing. That is my description of a transformational
leader. Nelson Mandela embodied the gold standard of a transformational leader.
Reverend Desmond Tutu is a recent book; “God has a Dream” shared his
insights regarding the recent political transformation of South Africa. One key
gem was his declaration that Mandela’s time in prison provided him with the
needed chiseling to convert his anger into purposeful political power. In addition,
folks have equated political power with socioeconomic progress. A careful study
of this history shows that that political power has not been a major engine to
move folks from poverty to prosperity. I invite you to examine the contrasting
history of the Irish and the Chinese for instance.

The Saddle Brook forum was a defining moment for me in discerning these
candidates against the definition supplied above. This was the only setting where
we gained insight into the candidates’ reflective maturity, and presidential
temperament. On the core issue of life, the response of this being above my pay
grade was an astounding quote to me. This is an internal value that cannot be
outsourced to an advisor.Writing two books, being rhetorically-gifted, and having an enviable marketinggame plan make for a promising draft choice, not the next leader of the free world. We are faced with huge challenges that will take seasoned leadership to shepherd us through these tough times. Can someone inform me of another time when a major leader was elected with such a lack of requisite seasoning?

Finally, when I construct a matrix of the compelling policy issues of the day that
drives my decision; positions on the economy, taxes, security, healthcare,
entitlement, energy, and education, finds me aligned with the McCain positions. It
supports the market-oriented, entrepreneurial spirit that fosters innovation, and
manage risk, which has been the under girding that has propelled the American
dream. McCain’s bipartisan’s record on major challenges is also telling as it gives
insight in how he will embrace differences.

I do agree it is time we practice the principle of Dr. King Jr. Let’s judge all
candidates by the content of their character, not the color of their skin, even if
that pigmentation is white. Then we will truly practice our motto of out of many,
one people.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Written by Hansen – www.Jamlink.com

Most Jamaicans that I have spoken with have a burning desire to go
back home. Nostalgia overtakes them sometimes to tears. Even the
hostile economic environment is no deterrent; but there is a
hesitation, and a fear caused by the rising violence in the country.
Those who migrated more than twenty years ago can't understand the
ravaging effects of criminal activities, whether they are drug
related, politically orchestrated or power driven. These times
bewilder them. These Jamaicans have stood fiercely proud of their
country. They have remained Jamaicans with culture in tact, amid new
peoples, climates, cultures and borne hardships the likes of which you
could never imagine. These give from the heart, sending approximately
US $2 billion in 2007 through the remittance pipeline to families in
need down a yard. To these stalwarts who desire a new Jamaica, I say,
"We have your ticket" in the 4th R Project. To those down a yard, I
say, "Wi have yu back!"

The 4th R is the re-introduction of Reverence into the skill-set of
Reading, 'Riting and 'Rithmetic. Those of us older than forty remember
a time in Jamaica when people were respectful to each other; when any
adult could correct a child on the street; when you shared a
breadfruit with your neighbor and got a dish of ackees in return and
you both had dinner as a result of the mutual exchange. That silent
4th R was a part of school, church and home. Children learned to be
respectful of each other and especially of their elders because they
were taught respect by their teachers, community members and parents.
They acted out exactly what they were taught.

Now we ask, who taught these new offenders to act with such uncaring
violence? And the answer is that we did, if even by default. We have
not paid attention to the things that really matter; the things that
create successful nations. What went wrong? Many things! The
splintering of the family; the political divide; the brain drain from
the country; gangs became family to many and aggressive video games
their mentors; violent movies took away any shred of remorse they
would have had and modeled the way for destructive behavior. Many of
our popular musicians continue to cement false values into the minds
of our youths through their lyrics and the wheels of this fierce
culture keep turning.

You don't need to be a PhD to figure it out. What is important however
is that we also have the solution in our hands. It is the 4th R
model. This model offers a new paradigm shift in education, which
places the highest value on our children and our people. The 4th R
skill-set is developed through playful exercises aimed at developing
conscious, productive and caring people. If children are nurtured
they will flourish and become functional adults. If children are
abused, they become cruel and violent adults. If children grow up with
criticism, they learn to hate themselves and others. These behaviors
are learned in the early years and become the brick and mortar, which
build or breakdown character later on in life.

Phase 1 of the 4th R project will begin on August 25th, 2008. Two
schools in the Rockfort community of Kingston have been identified as
pilot projects to plant the seeds of the 4th R; Rennock Lodge All Age
and Windward Road Primary and Junior High School. Approximately
eighty teachers from these schools will be trained and certified in
the 4th R methodology to begin the new September term. Additionally
community parenting sessions will be conducted for the Rockfort

The model we speak of was introduced into the South Camp
Rehabilitation Center in 1995. The tangible result of that project
was a furlough and mentoring program, which was the final step in the
rehabilitation process. Teammates worked as highly focused groups in
the pursuit of specific activities in which they had interest. Teams
included for example – the Suns of God Gospel Choir, The
Transformational Unit, God Messengers, Righteous Reggae Vibrations,
Students Expressing Truth (SET), and the Council of Elders. Their
activities were directed at giving back to their community, and as
such they practiced within the closed community of the Center, and
most critical to their rehabilitation, returned to the outside
community to entertain, to mentor and to minister. By the third year
more than 89% of teammates at South Camp were voluntarily
participating in group programs. In addition, a formal request to the
Commissioner of Corrections was made by over three thousand inmates of
the other two maximum security correctional centers, for the program
to be implemented in their respective facilities. As a follow up, the
Reverence For Life (RFL) program, as it was then called, began an
extension of the program at both Tower Street and Spanish Town maximum
security institutions.

The Outcome - While the RFL program formed the dominant culture in
these institutions, violence in the prisons was almost non-existent.
For most teammates on the program, sentences were shortened and parole
granted at a faster rate than for prisoners not on the program.
During the period 1995 to 2000 when this program was active, the rate
of recidivism dropped from 90% to 30 %.

We are convinced that if such dramatic changes could be made in that
space of time within a community of men, many of whom were repeat
offenders, then the model can also be used to create a new Jamaica;
one that we can return to, to build our retirement homes and live in
peace or vacation with family without having to look over your

It is possible. It can happen if we all stand behind this project.
Like everything else it takes money to care. We will be initiating a
number of fund raising activities, membership drives and sponsorship
opportunities which we know will be of interest to you. One hundred
percent of the funds raised for this project will be ploughed back
into resource materials for teachers, 4th R books for children,
promotional 4th R materials, to compensate workshop and project
facilitators and to begin an island-wide marketing campaign.

In January, 2009 we begin the full island-wide roll out of the 4th R
project. Yes we can create a new Jamaica if we all pitch in to support
this project. Your support is vital! Our slogan…'Empowering Each
Child To Move Jamaica Forward.' Let us join hands, hearts and
resources, 'because Jamaica matters.'

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Tirade on systems

Written by Carol Lawton

Policy is the domain of the technocrat who studied a field, thinks himself/ herself an expert and now hold a job in government either by the civil service or through political alliances. In policy development there lies a development process to implementation. These are define problems and solutions, funding, time, communication to the public, implementation, follow through by education,feedback and redevelopment of policy. Without policy no organization can exist as it is the blue print to the end game of an objective.

Normally most will start a discussion on policy based upon development but I will going backwards in regards to Jamaica . Lets stop trying to reinvent the wheel. There are numerous countries, we can study before push a policy so we can look at their blue print and the end result to see if the end result was as intended and why it worked or did not work thus putting in place controls to mitigate failures or enhance success of the system. As with all things foreign, we can just take theirs and not tailor it to our unique situations and culture which will lead to absolute failure. To live another countries tradition is a sure path to the destruction of a generation has it confuses the youth. Creolization of the first world system can be achieved without corrupting the system and making it an exercise in futility. Prime example is the TRN. The system would not be accepted in Jamaica with open arms therefore it should have targeted the soft spots to gain reach within the population instead the TRN system was made into a revenue collector and not a tool for policy. Systems make first world. Systems are tools for efficiency and decision making. It achieved few of its potential goals. Mr. Shaw in order for you to fix this mess you need to revisit the application of the TRN as current policy for a credit system will be ineffective without a change in the law and the system.

The Jamaica Labour Party Finance Minister is slated to launch a credit system. But the previous policy had flaws hence if he goes ahead without correcting the key field in this base system, he will created a retarded bastard. Its bad to bastardize a system but to further retard it will be a crime against the citizens considering we all know better. I am for the credit system , in fact wish it had come 10 years ago. This system if properly implement will merge Jamaica’s citizens into the financial capital system of a global economy thus diversifying the products and services offer in the financial sector. It is one of the last things to this first world plan which they say is so far away.

Due to the fact that this system and policy is already in place, we have feedback, we have follow through data to review before moving forward hence clean wiser decision can be made. All this may seem confusing but the end has to be the beginning of Mr. Shaw’s move to implement this new system as one government must build on the other and not start over from the block position as it is too expense to learn as we go. We have been here before lessons learn. Its costly to the tax payer.

The critical element here is will the soft targets be cleaned up in this existing TRN system to enable the more complex subsystem of a credit reporting system to be overlaid on it. All this may sound vague, confused and illogical but call a chicken a chicken and a duck a duck. If the unique key is correct through out the system and controls are in place in the place in the form of laws to protect identity then this credit system should be a 123 implementation if Mr. Shaws using the 3 major collectors of this data like Experian.

They already control North America, South America, Europe and Asia so lets not redevelop a system that can not be integrated into the global system. The development time to completion time would be months vs years. So first world status is not 20 years away its months if we make the decision to fix our policy systems vs making over and building on the mistakes of the past vs the success of the pass and the present. I will not say future because policy takes about 8 years to see the effects and fix it. That was the critical failure of the PNP. They failed to look at the feedback and fix the problems but kept adding to the system. Hopefully the JLP will look at these systems before they proceed to see where they fit into their plans as one failed base system will exponential cause critical failures across all subsystems.

Friday, August 1, 2008


Written by John Anthony

We love to copy overseas programs even if there is no evidence to support their relevance to Jamaica. The Grameen Bank's unproven poverty reduction strategies is one current example. However, there seem to be a hesitancy to copy clearly relevant overseas programs when there is a hint that they may result in unknown or known results at the ballot box. Someone needs to explain to the nation how it can have reduced crime rates when we know the high rates of recidivism of criminals and when we know these criminals after receiving petty times behind bars will only wreak more havoc when they are released. Of course persons locked up for life do not vote or do they?

NUMBER OF U.S.A SENTENCED INMATES INCARCERATED UNDER STATE AND FEDERAL JURISDICTIONS PER 100,000 1980 T0 2006 VIOLENT CRIME LEVELS IN THE USA SINCE 1993 Do you see the conection here? When the hard core criminals are locked up permanently crime rates decrease. Simple. Is this something we should have tried forty years ago in Jamaica? Perhaps, but then the election results would have been different! So we are faced with a dilemna. Which is more important-winning elections or saving five year old Sarie from mass rape by men from August Town. Winning the seat in Spanish town or locking up the extortionists for 40 years considering extortion leads to murder, community mass rapes, arson and assassinations.We know the answer based on the actions of our political leaders.

This is the real reason why we have talk, talk, token strategies and more talk. Listen I know you locally based journalists dare not write this kind of stuff. Your cell phones would be ringing off the hook with "bway..waachh yuh bak." or "yuh betta migraate..yuh days numbaad." So you should be dancing for joy that there is a voice willing to say what you dare not. If effective crime fighting was more important than winning elections we would have had twenty-four hour ,monitoring of the southcoast with a series of fast boats equipped with high powered cannon guns, loud speakers and power light beams forty years ago.At 200 miles long 12 such boats would be sufficient to create an impenetrable curtain operable around the clock and manned by a specially trained team. To make this even more effective every motor boat owner should be registered , the list posted on a web site, secured of course and boats monitored with identifiable markings visible from hundreds of yards away painted on both sides.


Oh I forgot the reason is the election results would have been differrent.


As I have written, we need a NATIONAL MENTORING PROGRAM to target the youth who lack strong parental influence. The charge that most criminals come from single parent homes is not debatable. Only dishonest or biased persons or those who have not read the research, dispute this.


If we think we can lower crime levels permanently without targetting the source we are living some pipe dream fantasy. But our politicians, many with PhDs all know this. So then why have they not even mentioned this? It is the election results dummy! They look at everything through the eyes of election results.. Instead the PM is talking about detaining innocent persons at will for undetermined periods? THAT IS STALIN'S RUSSIA AND DICTATORSHIP but i bet you persons so detained can still vote..eh?

INSTEAD what we have are persons always talking about social intervention programs. SOCIAL INTERVENTIONS ALONE WILL NEVER WORK. We have tried these for decades. What is wrong with us? We need to lock up the criminals, cut off their ammunition sources and target the children with social programs/better parenting. This is the only approach that will have any permanent reduction in crime and it is really distressing to see educated persons talking about strategies which have no documentation or scientific rationale to back them up.

At some point we need to cut the dialogue. I have divine that we seem fascinated with discussions and circular arguments because they serve as a salve for the conscience making us feel we are doing something even though the discussions keep us from facing root causes of problems as facing root causes will make us look at changes which will ultimately affect the widespread unrealistic standard of life expectations many of us feel has become a right we deserve.


Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Written By John Anthony


Why would a righteous man, the Prime Minister of Jamaica, copy a major strategy used by the genocidal maniac Adolf Hitler? The strategy sounded good back then too but few persons really knew what the real plans of Hitler were and few persons today know what the real plans of the PM are. . It is very possible that the Prime Minister himself does not even know what is driving him, but I do not think so. You see power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely more but the lust for power corrupts the soul greatest , and when one has tasted that power especially after being deprived of it, for what seems like ages, it is the hardest thing for one to relinquish.


1. "I will not allow any one to sit in the parliament that was not elected by the will of the people.

"2. Remember the trade agreement with Europe..signing a document of which the country is still ignorant.

3. Wilfully stubbing the finger through the eye of the Jamaican Constitution by putting up for election candidates which were specifically inadmissible and then claiming innocence.

4.The recent Spanish Town raid is a direct replica of Hitler's Gestapo tactics right out of Goebels manifesto. Jamaicans are not very perceptive; even some pastors are blind, blind, blind. (Talk of Hitlerite propensities in the government are therefore not valid and are intended to extinguish fires where none is burning, Pastor Raulston Nembhard.) They cannot even perceive why our past and present governments did nothing but lip service to prevent the illegal importation of large amounts of guns and ammunition, going on for decades, into the island through the south coast line. And for some reason Jamaicans just refuse to ask themself the simple question--why would our government and police and army and security ministers turn a blind eye to the four-decade old importation of vast, vast quantities of fearsome guns and ammunition into Jamaica? Why money-counting forex prophets? Why Prime Minister Golding? Why attorney general Lightbourne? Why Ian Boyne? Why Ronnie Thwaites; why, why, why? One more simple question should make even the blind see clearly. Why is the Prime Minister and Minister of National Security leading the charge to detain innocent persons AND NOT INSTEAD FOCUSSING ON THE PERMANENT IMPRISONMENT OF CONVICTED CRIMINALS?

Let me open your third eye and give you a clue as to what is really going on.. THE PSYCHE OF A NATION IS PREPPED VIA FAKE TERRORIST ACTIONS AND REPREHENSIBLE MURDERS!"The End of America", by Naomi Wolf details how governments deceptively develops brutal dictatorships. One of the first thing they do is convince the people that they will feel safer when certain portions of the population is detained. They enlist the media in this campaign and we have seen that as journalists are writing articles aiming to brainwash the population to accept suspension of their rights for more safety. Then they pass laws legalizing actions that were unthinkable even a few years prior and we have seen the prepping of the Jamaican psyche for this.

How do you prep the consciousness of a nation? Listen, humans are so very easy to brainwash it is funny. Hitler knew this. All propagandists know it is so easy to brainwash humans..so very easy. "Is it so surprising that ordinary German citizens were willing to support their government’s suspension of civil liberties in response to the threat of terrorism, especially after the terrorist strike on the Reichstag"? Jacob Hornberger There is the clue.

YOU SHOCK THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF THE PEOPLE FIRST and have we seen this? Someone or some influence seems to be on target to create such fear and terror in the minds and hearts of the citizens so that they will embrace even the Cubanization or soft Hitlerization of Jamaica. Remember our governments looking the other way for decades while the guns were coming into the island? Now there seems to be a concerted campaign of gun crimes to shock and terrorize the minds of citizens.


"voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same way in any country". Did you read that blind Pastor? All it needs is a little perception, not much and it will all become very clear. Can you now see clearly forex prophets? How about using some of your massive profits to buy the government a few patrol boats? THE REAL PURPOSE OF THE 9/11 ATTACKS!!No clearer example in modern times is more applicable than the 9/11 scenario. After the 9/11 attacks, many smart persons, MScs, MBAs, Ph.Ds, lawyers and scientists were easily convinced that the established laws of physics and chemistry had immediately become invalid and that burning jet fuel, which could not incinerate the woman we all saw waving for help from the burning floors of the Twin Towers, could in less than one hour, not only melt steel of the highest strength but cut massive steel columns hundreds of feet long into convenient pieces of similar length and that the clear sounds of numerous loud explosions heard by thousands, were cars exploding . I am still shocked that even years later, at the calibre of persons in Manhattan who still believe this nonsense.

HAS THIS SHOCK TREATMENT BEEN SUCCESSFUL ON THE MINDS OF JAMAICANS? Read here this quote from a Canadian-Jamaican, of which Adolf Hitler would cerrtainly have been proud. "I don't want to hear one iota about human rights groups! The crime situation in Jamaica must be solved uniquely. It is time that the powers-that-be including the police high Command begin to lockup ALL suspect.... Anyone in high places try to stop these actions should also be investigated and if needs be be locked up as well until there is absolutely no trace of such individuals group serving in a way that abbets crime!" Here is a quote I heard mysel from a Jamaican American, "dem fi bomb up de whole ah et (Tivoli Gardens). " Here is a quote from one of the most famous Gleaner columnists, "The bottom line - If it's good enough for America and Britain, it's good enough for Jamaica." Really Kevin? BRITISH ANTI-TERRORIST FORCE SHOOTS INNOCENT BRAZILLIAN MAN IN THE HEAD- !
Anti-terrorist police shot Charles de Menezes, suspecting he was a suicide bomber.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005.
Police shot Tube victim 8 times
A young Brazilian man killed by British anti-terrorist police in London last week was shot eight times in total, the country's Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) says. Britain's political and police leaders have apologised for the death. "We are all desperately sorry for the death of an innocent person and I understand the feelings of the young man's family," Prime Minister Tony Blair told a press conference. Reuters. Now do you see what this kind of unbridled power can lead to? Governments can kill innocent persons and then claim they made a mistake, but when we do so, we are charged with manslaughter? Blind pastor can you see this? How about you, money-eyed prophets?



The many infractions of the NYPD invited the threats from Federal Judge Scheindlin to hold New York City in contempt of court because as she said, "Federal Court decisions in 1990 and 2005 are being ignored by the NYPD." Did you read that? A police force disobeying Federal law!

Trevor MacMillan. Rudolph Brown/ Photographer
Yesterday, Minister of National Security, Colonel Trevor MacMillan, said he was in full agreement with the proposal to increase the time the police can hold persons in detention before charging them. "The human rights of the greater majority are what is important to me," he told The Gleaner yesterday. Now read the words of one of history's greatest dictators:Adolf Hitler, declared war on terrorism and asked the German parliament (the Reichstag) to give him temporary emergency powers to fight the terrorists. Passionately claiming that such powers were necessary to protect the freedom and well-being of the German people, Hitler persuaded the German legislators to give him the emergency powers he needed to confront the terrorist crisis. What became known as the Enabling Act allowed Hitler to suspend civil liberties “temporarily.” Aye Trevor, the ghost of Adolf yet lives.

Why? Because humans are sooooooo easy to brainwash. They never change. The power of government, when unchecked will and must lead to abuse of citizens and of that power; it must happen. Why..because humans are fundamentally selfish and competitive and governments are basically a number of selfish competitive individuals. If we give the JLP government the power to detain innocent persons we will have taken the first step to becoming Adolf Hitler's Germany and one thing is sure...that power will be abused. Hey they abused the power of governing for decades. Remember that they violated the Jamaican constitution for decades and have said nothing about what penalties should be applied for this.

Now it seems that the voices of opposition in Jamaica have been silenced! The partisan churches and leaders are afraid to criticize "our leader." The socialist churches are amused because "dis man nung sound like wan ah wi." The media cowers in fear and the citizenry is more concerned about the next dinner of cornmeal porridge than protecting their civil rights. The local prophets have gotten rich and are too busy counting their forex profits to hear the voice of freedom. Hard working MPs like Charles and Tufton really do not yet know what is going on and the lust for power is more important to ordinary partisans than their own countrymen and their freedom. Ahhhh, but there is one thing the conspiracists did not count on; a voice they cannot silence and a pen they cannot break.

Freedom loving Jamaicans everywhere rise up. The legal fund needs to be established. I am willing to contirbute the first USD$1000! I, will not be silenced. Mr. Golding we will fight you all the way to the Privy Council and b-e-yo-n-d. We will fight you all the way to the United Nations and b-e-y-o-n-d. We will fight you all the way to Brussels and beyond. We will fight you all the way into the homes of tourists and beyond.


Monday, June 9, 2008


Written by Carol Lawton

Liberty is nothing less than willingness to compromise my rights for the rights of others. Hence for societies to be free there has to be boundaries of the state, the citizen, and the government. The long standing premise of rights has been long discussed as too the responsibility of states but much has not been discussed about the health of the economies. In the globalization of states in world economies where a tree falls in the jungle and its heard in the financial markets where do small states fit into this process. Small States economies are barely the size of a small multinational but with the full responsibilities of sovereign states. The functions of these states must be dependent on the human capital to expand the reach of the state. The citizens’ development and ability to produce acts as a force multiplier which in the end impacts the taxes need to make a small state viable. We all want our countries but do the citizens know what is required to hold this sovereignty. I believe that this answer is no as a balance is not there between the services offered by the state and the consideration rendered by the citizen. The state has become the mule on which the citizen depends yet many are unwilling to produce to enable the mule to survive. Jamaica is for Jamaica but given a chance most will migrate as it has become our prison as well. Governments are not machines but made up of the human element. Countries are not land alone but people bounded by a common history, language and culture. Hence for productive government and countries to function the common factor is the people. In a sense the state is the creation of the people. Why then should we be puzzled by the state of Jamaica ? The balance is what is missing. Money, Policy, Planning is for nothing if the mass is unwilling to offer the state their all thus expanding opportunities for development and the expansion of the gross domestic product.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tirade on Bureaucracy

Written by Carol Lawton

The institution of government and the services rendered must be based upon a bureaucratic system. Bureaucracy in and of itself is by far the most efficient system for development and the delivery of goods and services as each segment, level, control element must be specialized to perform the task assigned. This specialization requires knowledge, skills, intellect and education. This education is for all hence the citizens must be educated to function properly in a modern bureaucratic government.

By its nature bureaucracy builds social hierarchy which some may term as a class structure. With class structures the base is always wide as the requirement to move up requires work. It is also the system with the highest capacity to create wealth based on intangibles as well as physical capital. A tradition of work also calls work ethics would be drilled into the young hence they develop this mindset which we do not have in Jamaica . Status is never guaranteed in a bureaucratic system as it is based upon objective goals hence a person is not guaranteed a stay because of traditional association such has family, friend or political association. Pure talent is the requirement as defined by the skills and education for the job.

As each division of the bureaucracy does its work assigned to its optimal operational design, they become subsystem of a larger organization, for brevity we will call it government. Note that what is stated is operational design and not planned or engineered design as political science is a discipline of hypotheses hence the best laid out plans may not work the way they are planned. Constant review and oversight is needed to keep the system in tact.

Jamaica inherited well defined institutions that historically were not for the native population but the principles behind them were sound principle to build a prosperous nation. Our fore parents fought for the rights to be the engineers of these institutions in order for their children to be enfranchised in it and prosper. What went wrong after independence may have many answers but I believe that a euphoric approach to right all wrongs at the expense of institutional stability is a cause. New plans, new ways, new models, new isms and not the reform of the system was the norm. It created special categories in unions, political parties, and the general population but did not improve the institutional laws and rules running the systems.

The bureaucratic system reverted back to the traditional model system which is tribal in nature. Hence the tribalism of the country and its politics to control these institution and systems which can deliver social mobility and wealth. Civil servants felt their positions are guaranteed, workers hinge themselves on the social laws such as the Redundancy Act backed by political unions which made survival of the worker more important than business which support the worker who support the union. The egg before the chicken, personal the chicken comes first. The general population was given the scraps as the spoils via work, food, housing and education while a new elite received contracts by association. Freeness became the goal and hustling to position to receive this freeness therefore hard working, education, and applying sound decision making technique took a back seat. Everything in the here and now. A system of conflict within itself will always explode from within given time as the disenfranchised are no longer involved and seek a new system. The other alternative we have seen in the 1980’s election when external forces pushing in and native forces pushing out can have dire consequences. A present example of a traditional model being affected by external forces is Iraq . The Americans made a simple mistake in that they did not understand the social traditional organization which governs traditional society. Sad to say, these traditional organizational models are that of Asia, Africa and Latin America .

The social tool of education to operate in the system becomes a privilege once again of the new middleclass. A conversation happen where a head of an agricultural agency could not understand education as the development of a person but only as a means to drive a big SUV and anyone who had the ability and education without this symbol was not a success. The social development by the institutional systems via the traditional model is replaced by material illusions of success. Norman Manley lost his property in the chase for this so call Jamaica hence to use this person definition would mean that he was not successful as he gain no economic objective from it.

Jamaica is now a country where educations by the males are of little value, brute force is the rule of the day both by citizens and the state. Opportunities can only be gain because of “association”, a BIG MAN must run things, alternative systems and economy are more efficient than that inherited bureaucracy. Over 40 years has past on this island, I have seen 34. From the stand point of my generation I would conclude that governing was not the reason for independence. If it was archaic laws which do not apply to the present would be updated, systems would be efficient, opportunity would be from the social and economic activities of the citizens and not the possible contracts and policies of the state, civil servants would not be seen as a special class, education and work would still be gauge for success not instant material gains through begging ( remittances, international loans ect) and crime. We have reduce our country and the legacy given to violent materialistic beggars on a rock in the sea. Without a return to the bureaucratic model from the traditional tribal model the development of Jamaica will never return as advancement will not be based upon work but on the spoils of the systems. Hence poor institutions, a malfunctioning internal control systems, an apathy for education over instant materialism and a Haitirization of the country.

Friday, May 9, 2008

A brief tirade on insurgency and government

Written by Carol Lawton Jr.

In the timeline of history one thing holds true in regards to governments, liberation movements and paramilitary groups and that is they wrestling for power within the state. These struggles between the factions may be covert, overt or collaborative. But the end result is always the same as the formal structure now has to deal with the dynamics which will always lead to social unrest.

In the development of dictatorships it is the state failure to control and maintain society because of the compromise given to the factions. Democracy is a scaring concept if the parties involve are not willing to safe guard it. Theocracy in of itself cannot be avoided as in any society one religion will be dominant but with this dominance it must allow allows to seek the own enlightenment in the belief of a higher being. Socialism is an artificial state because of the availability of limit resources yet unlimited wants and the difference in talents and ability between people. Capitalism in its pure state is by far the best but pure capitalism without safeguards to protect the weakest of society will lead to corruption and social unrest hence no system is superior.

What is striking is balance is needed between them all. The strong arm of the state while give the citizen the choice to choose which opportunity to purse to build wealth while protecting the weakest to allow them to have access to the capital that they need to survive. Such a system is the ideal but where to the system begin or end.

To have seen democracies where there is none. Socialism in Capitalism is a paradox. The ism of government is illusion as good governance is about making decisions based upon the need of the state. Hence to allow covert or overt groups to develop system above the platform of government will lead to strife and the eventual take over of government. In war torn region, it is the warlord who governs not the state, in inner city fiefdom it is the don through the collection of gains from transaction (unofficial tax), in war, the military rules the ground, and then the terrorists who rule by fear due to their ability to strike.

The state of government can only exist in peace. Hence peace is the objective of all government in the end regardless of the form. So when a state foster insurgency groups or terrorists with agenda against another state they have entered into a formal war under the veil that they are in the country unknown. Functionaries of the state will always have access to the information hence it will always up the chain of command and the objective is the survival of the state and information is key. So when a country like Lebanon allows for Hezbollah to organize, finance, set support social systems and military logistics system it should not be surprise that if it can not destroy its enemy, it will turn against its host like a parasite as it has already undermined the state in that an entity can wage war against sovereign nation and undermine the state ability to protect its borders and deploy diplomatic policy that leads to peace. Woe be unto a state that believe that it can exist in peace while pseudo governments exist within.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008



"Section 40 (2) of the Jamaican Constitution prohibits persons who have taken citizenship in another(non-Commonwealth ) country from being elected to the House of Representatives or being appointed a senator. Where the person takes an oath of allegiance to a non-Commonwealth country after being elected or appointed to the legislature, Section 41 (1) of the Constitution requires that the person's seat be made vacant."

Is this plain english or is it some foreign language? Why have those who love to point to the high level of crime in Jamaica now talking about how the Jamaican constitution must be amended and not talking about how the Jamaican constitution has been blatantly violated?Is this a land and people of law breakers?


If they did and they still put them forward for office, then why is not this election fraud? This was a wilful attempt to stub their fingers right through the eye of the Jamaican Constitution saying in effect "we do not care what is written therein, we are bigger than the law, aka the law is not a shackle"!

Ignorance of the law is not and has never been accepted as a defence. Anyway, there is no way that they can claim ignorance, not with the battery oflawyers and Constitutional experts in their camp! This is election fraud pure and simple!


The Jamaican Constitution, even if it is a plantation document, is the legal document governing Jamaica. No one says it does not need changes. But until those changes are made, violations of it should be prosecuted. This is the rule of law andminimizations of wanton illegality, however small, leads to larger issues of criminality and is one reason why our moral compass is worrisomely undesirable and gutterly reprehensible. No other nation in the world has a larger percentage of its citizens deported from the USA, Canada and the UK as does Jamaica because criminality looks normal to the masses!

We have historically minimized criminality so that certain criminality is being over looked or is being put aside because we say there are more important things that need attention and now the criminality consciousness has been fully embedded in then ational consciousness. This has lead to wide spread acceptance of corruption and we now have whole communities living off extorted gains some of which involved murders, arsons and thefts, while the country turns a blind eye. Jamaica is partly a criminal country period!


Be consistent theologians and call an illegal act what it is. There is no way to misinterpret common english here! The JLP purposely violated the Jamaican constitution. This must be some sort of crime and if it is not it should be! In any event it must be some kind of fraud. Partisan Jamaican courts may rule on their partisanship but the British Privy Council would certainly declare the victorious US citizensineligible to sit in the Jamaican parliament.


Those who think this is a partisan article have not read my other perceptive pieces. I am alleging that past governments have had illegal foreigners serving in the Parlianent and this holds serious consequences because the Parliaments were according to the constitution, illegal entities. It means that if past governments were illegal, then legislation they passed and actions and penalties they meted out were also illegal making them liable for damages from lawsuits from individuals and corporations who can claim harm!


If I can find a lawyer who is not afraid of the partisans, I would file a lawsuit alleging fraud and violation of the Jamaican Constitution, to have the election results thrown out! I guarantee that the Privy Council would rule in this favor because theyare not ruled by the disease of partisanship that hasrun rampant throughout the land!


Calling the constitution unfair is not the issue here.The issue is it was blantantly disrespected, ignored and violated! The violation of the Constitution must be a criminal offence punishable under Jamaican law!


Jamaican-born attorney-at-law in Florida, DahliaWalker-Huntington, said that Section 41(2) of the Constitution was unfair to Jamaicans living in thediaspora.

She pointed out that there was inequity in the Constitution as it allows a person who gains dualcitizenship through their parents, as a child, to beable to participate in representational politics, butat the same time bars another person who swears allegiance to another country from participating inrepresentational politics.

"It (the Constitution) is treating half of yourpopulation unfairly," she argued.

This is the same person who responded to my challenge that the Jamaican Diaspora Foundatioin was intended tobring the vote to Jamaican overseas by saying "There is no where in print or on tape where I have advocated Jamaicans in the Diaspora voting in Jamaican elections. So to brand me "an overseas votinh (sic)zealot" is blatantly incorrect." Dahlia Walker Huntington, 2006!


Written by John Anthony

Saturday, March 29, 2008



This is a question that needs serious examination touncover any existing factual basis for the"democrticpartization" of Jamaicans and to see ifthere is an explanation for our twisted method ofmaking choices and seeking affiliations. To begin hereare a few statements from some media giants.

" Still the sentimental pull of the long-standingpreference for a Hillary Clinton over any Republicancontender... " Why Hillary Clinton has turned me off - Geof Brown

"Mi glad yuh se", said Ronnie Thwaites as heexulted over the victory of the Democratic Party inthe congressional electionsm over the Republicansrecently.

"We must be proud of the Democratic Party".Congresswoman Yvette Clarke.

Evidence should be a vital piece of information thataffects decision-making in chosing affiliations butgreat salesmen know too that the ability to make thetarget person feel important by appealing to the ego,often outweighs an abundance of evidence which doesnot support the sale. Hence low self-esteem personsmake the best customers and we have clear evidence ofthis in Jamaica and Haiti where hundreds of thousandsof poor persons choose to buy cell phones (anego-affected decision) over saving their scarceresources to finance the education of their children(a far more important action supported by evidenceshowing that education is vital to breaking the cycleof poverty).


Let us go to the evidence. In reviewing thehistorical and contemporary evidence the RepublicanParty has an unassailable and clear lead over theDemocratic Party in legislative actions that hasassisted Jamaica. We will also present information onthe African American experience.


In spite of the prevailing perception, the Democraticparty of the USA is not friendly towards Jamaica andthose Jamaicans who were exulting are simply theproduct of media brainwashing. Let us list some mostimportant issues that affected and still affects theCaribbean and the economies there.

1. The amnesty and immigration act of the 80s.This was an act which was supported and pushed byRepublican Ronald Reagan and signed into law by him.

In 1986, Congress passed the Immigration Reform andControl Act (IRCA) giving amnesty — legal forgiveness— to all illegal aliens who had successfully evadedjustice for four years or more or were illegallyworking in agriculture. As a result, 2.8 millionillegal aliens were admitted as legal immigrants tothe United States. In addition, they have so farbrought in an additional 142,000 dependents.

Various Amnesties of Illegal Aliens
IRCA (including dependents) 2,831,351
NACARA 405,000
Haitian Act 50,000
INA Section 249 (from 1987-1997) 69,670
TOTAL 3,356,021

Tens of thousands of Jamaicans (no one actually knowhow many)beneffitted from the single most importantissue forthem in their life up to that time.

2. THE CARIBBEAN BASIN INITIATIVEAlso supported and signed into law by TepublicanRonald Reagan, this bill is still benefitting theCaribbean in some form today and Jamaica directlyespecially in the form of ethanol exports.

3. THE HELMS BURTON ACTTo be truthful this legislation has Republican originsbut it was finally supported and signed into law byDemocratic president Bill Clinton after Cuban pilotsshot down two airplanes belonging to an Americangroup. This act directly impacts negatively onexpansion plans of Jamaican hotelliers seekinginvestments in Cuba.

4. THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY IS THE PARTY OF SLAVERYAnd why did not the democrats free the slaves? It wasthe southern democrats who were the majorityslaveholders and so it proves like Jamaica, as somesay African Americans love their bondage and are stillpart of one large modern slave plantation- theyreturned to their slave massas en masse when theyoffered them gifts and charity in Roosevelt's NewDeal!!

5. THE SOUTHERN DEMOCRATS DESTABILIZED THE AFRICANAMERICAN ECONOMYThe information on how southern Decocrats destroyedseveral thriving African American towns, has beenhidden for decades. Stunningly this has never beendiscussed in media the way the Iraq war has been. Twoincidents come to mind; Tulsa, Oklahoma and Rosewood,Florida, where decades ago Democratic mobs chased,killed African Americans and burned to the groundthriving African American business communities.

6. OVER 3000 KNOWN LYBCHINGS OF AFRICAN AMERICANSOf course most if not all of these lynchings were doneby Democrats of the south, the last one in 1960!Incidentally, many of the participants at theselynchings are still alive today and recognizable ineasily accessible photographs and makes one wonder whythey are not being prosecuted! See Democratic lynchmobs in action here:http://www.liu.edu/cwis/cwp/library/african/2000/lynching.htm

7. THE SHOCKING VOTING RESULTS OF THE CIVIL RIGHTSLEGISLATION OF THE 1960S.One often hears the argument that the reason whyAfrican Americans are all Democrats is because theDemocrats passed civil rights legislation. But hereare the actual voting results on that legislation.

By party and region

The original House version: For and Against.

Southern Democrats: 7-87 (7%-93%)
Southern Republicans: 0-10 (0%-100%)
Northern Democrats: 145-9 (94%-6%)
Northern Republicans: 138-24 (85%-15%)

The Senate version:

Southern Democrats: 1-20 (5%-95%) (only Senator Ralph Yarborough of Texas voted infavor)
Southern Republicans: 0-1 (0%-100%) (this was Senator John Tower of Texas)

Northern Democrats:
45-1 (98%-2%) (only Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia opposed themeasure)

Northern Republicans:
27-5 (84%-16%) (Senators Bourke Hickenlooper of Iowa, Barry Goldwaterof Arizona, Edwin L. Mechem of New Mexico, Milward L.Simpson of Wyoming, and Norris H. Cotton of NewHampshire opposed the measure)

SHOCKING RESULTS HUH! Support from the Republicans wasextremely high and the Democrats which opposed similarlegislation from the 1860s, finally changed theirstance.

8. THE REPUBLICANS BROUGHT FREEDOM FROM SLAVERY; THEDEMOCRATS OPPOSED ITHistory clearly indicates that the Democratic Partyopposed the Civil Rights Act passed by the Republicansin the 1860s. Yes that's right, in the 18602! In factthe Democrats opposed such Civil Rights legislationfor decades


ONE question seeks an answer. Against the evidencepresented so far why do the African Americans andHispanics support the Democratic party considering thedevilish tyrannical history it is so proud of? Someclaim that both parties have reversed poles with theRepublicans taking on a racist mantra similar to the1865 Democrats. There are several problems with thisposition though.

Firstly, I was never taught in my two semesters of UShistory that the Democratic Party was historicallyracist and anti Civil Rights. The Democratic Party hasshocking racist history but this is not taughtanywhere and it is an acknowledged part of Americanhistory. When I challenged a noted history professorin California about this he huffed and puffed goingoff on a tangent about polarity.

Secondly, it is incorrect to try and subtly say thatthe Democrats of 1865 were the only racist democrats.In fact their overt racist tendencies continued fordecades and as far as I am concerned they still existtoday! Even in the Democrtic party's nominationelections the nation saw prominent African AmericansAndrew Young, Robert Johnson and Congressman Rangelssbockingly taking sides against African AmericanBarack Obama and in the case of Johnson makingcomments insinuating Obama was taking drugs when theClintons were contributing to the African Americancommunity! This is another version of the House Negroversus the Field Negro. I wonder what the RepublicanFrederick Douglas is doing in his grave?

Thirdly, the facts are that the actions of Republicanpresidents in signing legislation that contributedimmeasurably to African Americans, Hispanics andimmigrants refutes the commonly accpeted notion thatthe republican party is now racist and the democratsare not.

Many examples of the racist Democratic party arewaiting to be taught in history classes acrossAmerica, in Jamaica and in the Hispanic communitiesHere are a few:

John S. Rock, African-American Republican abolitionist

Dr. John S. Rock, was the first African-Americanlawyer admitted to practice before the U.S. SupremeCourt. Chief Justice Salmon Chase (R-OH) swore him inthis day in 1865.

Born a free man, Rock studied medicine and then becamea renowned abolititonist and Republican activist. In1858, he decided to seek medical treatment in France,but the Democrat Secretary of State, Lewis Cass, triedto stop him. Cass, the former Democrat presidentialnominee, ruled that African-Americans could not beissued U.S. passports. The Republican-controlledMassachusetts legislature then issued Dr. Rock atravel document which the French government accepted,enabling him to travel to France.

At Boston's Fanuel Hall, in 1858, he ridiculed racialprejudice: "If any man does not fancy my color, thatis his business, and I shall not meddle with it. Ishall give myself no trouble because he lacks goodtaste... Our friends can do what many of them arenobly doing, assist us to remove the obstacles whichprevent our elevation, and stimulate the worthy topersevere. The colored man who, by dint ofperseverance and industry, educates and elevateshimself, prepares the way for others, gives characterto the race, and hastens the day of generalemancipation."

the Republican Party's 15th AmendmentOn this day in 1870, after passing in the House ofRepresentatives with 98% Republican support and 97%Democrat opposition, the Republican Party's 15thAmendment was ratified by the states. It then becamepart of the Constitution, extending toAfrican-Americans the right to vote. Unfortunately,Democrats soon enacted poll taxes, literacy tests, andother scams to prevent African-Americans from votingin the South and other areas under their control.http://grandoldpartisan.typepad.com/

the Republican Party's 15th AmendmentOn this day in 1870, after passing in the House ofRepresentatives with 98% Republican support and 97%Democrat opposition, the Republican Party's 15thAmendment was ratified by the states. It then becamepart of the Constitution, extending toAfrican-Americans the right to vote. Unfortunately,Democrats soon enacted poll taxes, literacy tests, andother scams to prevent African-Americans from votingin the South and other areas under their control.http://grandoldpartisan.typepad.com/

10. THE DEMOCRATS SUPPORT HOMOSEXUALITY AND LESBIANISMWHILE THE REPUBLICANS DO NOT!Surprised aren't you? It is true indeed. This issuefor which Jamaica is branded as the most homophobiccountry in the world which the majority of Jamaicansfind so dastardly, the friendly Democrats are infavor of.

11. THE DOMOCRATIC PARTY IS MORE ANTI-GOD WHILE THEREPUBLICANS ARE PRO-GODWhat a shocker! A country like Jamaica and churchdeacons like Ronnie Thwaites would flock to theatheistic party! Jamaica still has religion in itsschools; the democrats get maddenningly angry when anyone suggests that there should be religion inAmerica's public schnools!

11. IRAQ HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH JAMAICAI heard some Jamaicans shouting about the war in Iraq,but what does it have to do with Jamaica? Were theyshouting when Saddam was killing his 300,000? Are theyshouting about the 1,500 deaths a day in Darfur? Hint;they are completely silent; they do not even know thatmore persons have died in Darfur than in Iraq! Themedia has convinced Jamaica that the war in Iraq ismore important than the genocide in Sudan and so theyhate George Bush for Iraq but love the Chinese eventhough the Chinese has financed the genocide of darkskinned Africans who more closely resemble them thanthe Iraqis! Oh the power of television!Most Jamaicans do not even look at the issues butfollow their prevailing brainwashed opinion! Too muchtelevision is bad for rationality and sound reasoning!


Perhaps Congresswoman Yvette Clarke who said "We mustbe Proud of the Democratic Party", can provide anexplanation or may be Ronnie Thwaites and Geof Browncan collaborate on a psychological response.-

Oh yes be proud of the party that did not want to freethe slaves. Be proud of the party that enslaved andraped hundreds of thousands of women at will. Be proudof the deomcrats who lynched and burned...

Then here is more from Yvette Clarke: "I will work incongress to make sure that all of our citizens haveequal economic, civil and legal rights regardless ofsexuality, gender or gender preference." - YvetteClarke

Well here it is Jamaicans full support for the heinousacts of the gay community, which you all so hate anddespise. What a twisted state of affairs. Thegreaters haters of homosexuality showing love for aparty that shows great acceptance of the hatedlifestyle! That's why we are known as Ja(Hypocrisans)maicans.

Written By
John Anthony

Thursday, February 7, 2008


"There are persons who believe that the preferences that we have enjoyed - this business where Europe paysyou twice as much for your sugar than they can buy it elsewhere - that those are things that must remain inperpetuity. It is a kind of mendicancy that we need topurge ourselves of." Prime Minister Bruce GoldingSure charity and remittances are destabilizing but it does seem as if Bruce Golding is completely unaware that this same Europe subsidizes its own farmers to the tune of EU$100 billion dollar per year.

This usidy clearly creates an unfair and uncompetitiveatmosphere for non-European farmers who export andsell farm produce to European markets. It was thissame Europe under Commissioner Neelie Kroes, , who sued and fined Microsoft hundreds of millions of EU dollars because it said, Microsoft had an unfair competiveadvamtage over other software competitors. Unless Commissioner Kroes can document otherwise, the Microsoft action does seem to parrallel the EU farmsubsidy programs and should be a sound basis for alawsuit filed on behalf of farmers worldwide.

Does the European farm subsidey create a similarcompetitive advantage for European farmers? I would not expect Bruce Golding to challenge the European over this; he is in a particularly weak position. But just like I did in the Trafiggura affair, while politicians were spinning their partisan tops, I wassending dozens of emails to the Dutch Police,prosecutors and the press urging prosecution of thePNP. In fact, I claim to have done more than the entire local JLP politicl machinery in thisregard and WILL TAKE UP THIS SUBSIDY MATTER WITH COMMISSIONER KROES MYSELF including a potential lawsuit to follow! The backbones of our leaders have been irreparablybroken. This is what happens when a country is financed by loans and charities.

Written by John Anthony

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Jamaicans Living Overseas

There are 2.7 million Jamaicans living at home and the official estimate is that, an equal number of Jamaicans also lives overseas. Last year, Jamaicans living abroad send home approximately US$2.6 billion. Just ahead of what the island earns from its major industry tourism, and ahead of what is brought in by the bauxite industry. Another significant figure is the estimated US$40 billion purchasing power of Jamaicans living abroad.

It should therefore come as no surprise that the Jamaican Government is actively pursuing this potentially rich source of investment capital and political influence.But for those of you wishing to effect changes in Jamaica, image an entrepreneurial approach devoid of politics and government; and with the prospect of harnessing the full potential of 2.7 million innovative and committed Jamaicans.This is the objective of Jamlink - to create an enterprise among Jamaican living overseas, and to monetize this partnership with the use of a single online media platform.

Incidentally work has already begun, as you can see in the first phase of our online platform at www.jamlink.com Jamlink’s framework will take into consideration the following two components:---- A for profit enterprise with complete adherence to entrepreneurship and personal gain; and- A non-for-profit arm to mobilize our efforts around some of the issues affecting Jamaica.The operation will be based in Florida, and will be appropriately named. And as such, all subsequent partnerships and stakeholder relationships will be mandated by both state and federal guidelines. As a matter of fact, the non-for-profit arm of Jamlink is already in place – for the past 3 years, Jamlink has been the trademark of “Vonergy” - a 501(c) (3) charitable organization established to promote cohesive advocacy throughout the Jamaica community abroad.

Working together---Several of you receiving this correspondence are already aware of these plans, and are expected to act according to your respective commitments. For those of you not yet familiar with Jamlink, you can learn more by contacting us. You may also want to sign-up at our website to receive updates on our progress.The initial funding for this start-up venture is being obtained from our fundraising campaigns, namely our:- Advertising programs- Third-party referral programs- Own a Virtual piece a Yawd Campaign Some of these online resources may benefit you personally and if so, we urge your support and participation as it will enable Jamlink’s continuous development.Jamlink’s online media platform remains a work in progress. And, a fully functional, and revenue generating Jamlink will create sustainable benefits for all those involved - a feat possible only by this creation of the largest online Jamaican-based network.


Hansen 305-218-2878

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


1. Teach the people the importance of sacrifice and delayed-self gratification. The minds of the poor are weak and hence they are prime prey for advertising programs. Their self worth is very low and so they do almost anything to raise their self-worth. Hence you see hundreds of thousands of Jamaicans wasting their money on cell phones when they should be saving for the college education of their children or for their retirement.

2. Teach the people the importance of saving. Instead of buying items to boost self-worth the poor should be saving their money.

3. Teach the people the importance of education. In today's competitive world education is a must to break the poverty cycle. Turn off the cable television and save the money for school fees!

4. The poor must be taught to give. You will never appreciate a thing to the highest level until you learn to give it away. Whatever one gives one keeps. This is philosophical stuff, which I will not get into here but it is a proven spiritual principle!

5. The poor must be taught that having children out of wedlock and or unprepared leads to poverty! Jamaica is obviously overpopulated and while no one wants to talk about it, the actions that lead to this overpopulation is devastating us!

6. The poor must be taught that crime leads to poverty; not that poverty leads to crime! Demonstrations, locking down school property because of dissatisfaction as parents like to do, destroying business property during strikes, confiscating government property by refusing to return salary overpayments as the JTA literally just did, and using strikes as a prime negotiating tool all lead to poverty!

7. Teach the poor that dysfunctional family structures perpetuate the cycle of poverty! The single greatest factor destabilizing us is our runaway libido which has lead to widespread dysfunctional family structures and a population greater than the job potential of our economy but NO one sees this as a problem. Listen foreign investors will never invest in Jamaica the way they have invested in Costa Rica or Ireland because they have persons advising them and these advisors know that the quality of a country's work force is directly related to the quality of the country's family life. So we are trying to put paste on a festering wound and wondering why it will not heal. We will never have lasting prosperity as long as we have widespread dysfunctional families.

8. Overpopulation leads directly to poverty especially when GNP growth does not parallel it.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

John Antohony writes...

John Anthony
New York
January 17, 2008

I am on record as saying, based on the historyof the JCF and the widespread corruption in the force,the incident in Tivoli Grdens this past week, resembles a wanton extra judicial killing. Many Jamaicans have never read the AmnestyInternational or Americas Watch reports on the JCF,but if they did unbiasedly, they would perhaps neverbelieve anything the police force reports on incidentslike this one! Here is an excerpt from the of war on human rights inJamaica:Police abuse has been documented by national andinternational organisations numerous times in the past30 years.

In 1986, an Americas Watch report, HumanRights in Jamaica, concluded that there existed inJamaica: ''a practice of summary executions by thepolice; a practice of unlawful detentions by thepolice at times accompanied by police assaults ondetainees; and a practice of confining detainees inpolice station lock-ups under squalid and degradingconditions.