Thursday, April 1, 2021

Don’t buy you ticket or plan to visit or return to Jamaica without doing this first!!!


COVID pandemic has resulted in a lot of bureaucracy. No turning up to your favorite travel agent to buy a ticket on the spot, anymore. Not only do you have to make sure you have been tested negative for coronavirus, within a certain time frame of your flight, but you also have to complete an online form, including a quarantine assessment questionnaire, and have them all approved, prior to buying your ticket.

            The following process may be daunting but as a June 2020, the success rate was a total of 8,418 approvals that had been granted to Jamaicans overseas who had applied to the JamCovid online Ministry of Health system for permission to return “a yaad”, under the controlled re-entry programme. If you are thinking of doing the same, here is some useful information. You will need to go online and complete a re-entry form which is about a 4 pages long and once approved, you will be free to book your flight.

            Before you go online, make sure you have everything you need with you, as some of the sections time out, for example, the security code, or it is going to ask you the full address of where you are going to stay. No point ringing up the person while you are completing the form, it will time you out. Likewise, you can be looking for information in your wallet, on your phone, in an email, or on you PC- you must have everything on hand ready.

            This article is to prepare you in advance.

So before you start-

1.     Have your phone close by you.

2.     Have the email address you have been given, open so you can access the OTC (one-time code), and put it on the phone, which will be counting down (it gives you a few minutes)

3.     Have your passport with you because you will need to information on it, and you will need to take a photograph of it.

4.     Have full name, email address and phone number full street address of the place you are staying.

5.     Have full name, email address, phone number and full street address of your contact person in Jamaica.

6.     You TRN & NIS number, if you are a resident

7.     Parents full name and contact details

8.     Employers full name and contact details

9.     The last date you travelled to Jamaica

10.Details of your return ticket (if couldn’t back because the airport was closed)

11.The address where you are currently living

12.The dates and names of places you have bee to over the last six weeks. Once you have this, go online.

13.Go online under


Once you have completed the form, click on the voice note and listen to it. You will need to make an attestation that you have read, understand and agree to all the information on the form and that the information is accurate and true.

You will then get a confirmation email, stating that your application has been received but it is not clear how long this process will take. Once you get approval via email proceed to book your ticket.