Wednesday, April 3, 2024

#3 Reason to love Jamaica



21. Innovative   

We don’t need every piece to make ends meet. We work with what we have.

22. It’s always a Party

On any given day, in any given area, chances are there’s a party going on.

23. Great History 

We’ve overcome many challenges and achieved a lot throughout history.

24. Good Links

If you know someone in a favorable place, you probably are put in one too.

25. Fun Games 

Want a nice like an evening of dandy shandy, loodi, dominoes or bingo?

26. Delectable Pastries

Sen’ a bun and cheese, some bread pudding and 3 banana bread fimi nuh.

27. Christmas Time 

The whole family gets together and indulges in food you probably only enjoy once a year. A time that many Jamaicans look forward to.

28. Pan Chicken

No matter what hour you’re on the road, you can usually find a decent meal to eat.  Pan chicken / jerk pork with hardo bread and ketchup and pepper ah di sweetest ting after a night out.

29. Something for All Budgets

You can quickly plan an excursion. There are many free, affordable, as well as luxurious activity options within any given area.

30. Unique Shopping Experiences     

Van back, hand cart, roadside… you name it, we’ll sell from it from any corner.