Sunday, March 3, 2019

Why does my major benefit the Jamaican community?

“Eternal Father, bless our land… Justice, truth be ours forever Jamaica land we love.”
The above quotation is an excerpt  from our national anthem. It highlights some of Jamaica’s main focuses as a country. One recognizes that amongst the things being sought for justice is one which is explicitly sought for eternally. This raises the question, “how can we ensure that justice is embedded in the country?” This is achievable through a fully functional and efficient justice system that one matriculates to through legal means.

I currently study law at the University of the West Indies, Mona campus where I will further need to study at the Norman Manley law school to become a successful attorney and practice law in Jamaica. Law is generally rules that ensure order, structure  and good governance of a society. It is therefore imperative that they are properly enforced, understood and interpreted and that is where my Bachelor of Laws functions beneficially to the Jamaican justice system and by extension the society. 

Laws in Jamaica are chiefly found in the constitution and they are legally worded meaning the ‘average man’ may not be able to take up these constitutions or case laws and be completely clear as to the state of the law. These laws usually encompass the lives, assets and safety of our Jamaican people thus it is important that they are handled by individuals who have expertise in such areas and with great care. This expertise arises from an in depth study of  my major.  Following a legal dispute, it is up to the lawyers and judges to argue matters concerning the law and to decide the best possible outcome taking into context during times of ambiguity; the intent of the law to ensure the running of an effective society.  Imagine being innocent and accused of murder and brought to trial and being represented by an incompetent individual resulting in you spending time behind bars that you did not deserve. How unfortunate would that be?  

Additionally, my major ensures that government officials and organizations that wield power do you act outside of their capacity or violate the rights of our Jamaican people. During a time where there is a mass focus on human rights across the world, my major  ensures that our rights as a people are not being infringed upon by those who ought to protect it and in cases when it is that we act in a capacity resulting in justice being met. This would require appearances before the court and in majority of court cases a lawyer will be needed to sufficiently guide you through the process. Going into a courtroom without legal representation is similar to going into a war with weapons. In like manner chances would be that one may lose the battle which no one would want.

Conclusively, my major acts to serve the people of Jamaica in that it converts legal terminologies into understandable layman terms, it ensures that a due process is followed for justice with adequate knowledge of the subject matter and also that the rights of our people are not infringed upon but are actively fought for.

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