Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Black Woman I Am

March is Woman History month

The Black Woman I Am

Written by Alicia Fleming www.ririjam.com

When they look at us black women,

They see the old-cotton-picking field hand, the old slave cook.

But that was a long time ago,

Now, the Black woman has arrived!

She has moved up from being a housewife to a

Business woman to a politician

She has taken charge!

Charge of her life, charge of her future

All the fears, all the reminiscing of the past,

The humiliation, are all behind her now.

When I look at the black woman of today, I see me.

I see my future, what I would like to be.

How I would like people to see me as a person, as a career woman

The black woman has combined fulfilling her role as a

mother and being a career woman

People look upon her and respect her.

The 80’s have brought new prospects for the black woman,

It has opened doors…

Open the outlook on careers and other opportunities

As a woman and …being Black

She has moved up from being an ordinary nurse to a

doctor, an engineer

People may try to put her down

They tell her that her place is in the kitchen!

Some even told her to go back to picking cotton

But, what does she care?

She is strong and determined to get ahead.

That’s the black woman I am.