Friday, October 1, 2021

Financial Freedom


Economics is war; no longer is a community controlled by guns. Countries such as Jamaica are now controlled by the banks. Through the IMF, World Bank and China, Jamaica is at their mercy. This means they control all aspects of Jamaican society. At this point, the only things Jamaicans have are the flags you see in Jamaicans waving and those were made in China but are sold to our community by the Indians. Am I lying?

Everyone wants financial freedom but what is your game plan to fight the economic battle? When you google financial freedom many classes are offered by some “expert” , a book promotion or a You Tube channel giving you some “ how to” instructions. Whatever plan route you choose, consider the following:

1.       Begin to control your debt. Learn the difference between good debt and bad debt. Good debt can allow you to leverage your taxes, while bad debt means you are working just enough to pay the minimum interest balance on your credit card. The only thing happening is that you are a hamster on a wheel – running fast and going nowhere.

2.       Develop a saving culture. Save something from every paycheck. It can be only $10.00 but this is something. Save your money so your money can save you.

3.       Invest in real estate, socks, bonds and silver as soon as possible.

4.       Have multiple streams of income. If you work a 9-5 mf then on the weekend get a side hustle or an online gig for the weekend.

5.       Have financial knowledge. If you must, choose knowledge over college. Yes, you should get a degree if that is a passion for you but keep in mind that you may not get an income from that piece of paper after four years.