Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Caribbean Union Creation - CU

Cheers went up when it was reported that Haiti would be allowed to join the African Union. However, a few weeks went by when The African Union (AU) stated that Haiti will be denied associate member status on May 17th. According to article 29.1 of their AU constitution, only African countries can have membership. These African countries will Buk dance for their former colonial masters and coon for the Chinese but deny the 1st Black county, who threw off the shackles of slavery, recognition and membership.

Is the African Union (AU) the White man’s #1 pet and fetch boy? The African way, according the African Union, is that Europeans and the Chinese everywhere are welcome to join. However Black people especially Haiti need not apply. Haiti, don’t allow anyone to disrespect you!

This is an example on why Caribbean countries should form the Caribbean Union – CU.  Federations with various islands were formed in the past and did not last. However, they are many more things that bind Caribbean than divides the islands. Multinational corporations do not care where they set up sweat shops or call centers. By uniting, the exploitation and marginalization can be minimized.

To be competitive one has to have marketable skills or your country will become irrelevant. Caribbean nations must understand that our location and character of each island is an asset, if marketed correctly.  It is time to reexamine a new Caribbean Federation and create The Caribbean Union. The Caribbean region is too small of an area to be so fragmented. I.e. Cuba has a stronger relationship with Russia than it does with its neighbors.

The Arab league, NATO, and even OPEC are examples of how powerful community of nations can be forged. One can only wonder if the AU would have responded in the same way or be effectively willing to shift position if a more prosperous nation, say Brazil, had demonstrated similar interest in joining the AU. Don’t go where you are not wanted. Leave with dignity and create your own union with other Caribbean nations.

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