Monday, December 10, 2007

Midwest - West Region

I bring greetings as the elected Jamaican Diaspora Advisory Board Member representing approximately 18 states located in the Midwest-West region of the United States. The word Diaspora means the scattering of a people from their homeland. The Jamaican Diaspora was established by the Country of Jamaica in 2004 to connect with its people living all over the world. The Jamaican Diaspora is a first attempt of the Jamaican government to coordinate efforts to seek assistance from its people living abroad. Currently, there are two other regions that represent Jamaicans living in the United States; they include the Eastern and Southern Regions of the U.S, with other Jamaican Diaspora locations established and located in the United Kingdom and Canada.

The Diaspora is meant to be inclusive of not only expatriates, but first, second and third generations of Jamaicans, of all ages, living aboard who want to give back. For the last five years, the theme of the Jamaican Diaspora has been titled, "Unleashing the Potential." The main goal of the Jamaican Diaspora is to mobilize Jamaicans living aboard to become part of the Jamaica Diaspora MOVEMENT. The intent of this movement is to establish a communication network to galvanize the resources of all Jamaicans to assist and to support the country of Jamaica in initiatives such as health, investment, business, education, trade, policy formation, faith-based, youth, social and cultural activities and programs for the improvement of the country and the empowerment of the people living in Jamaica. Now the significance of the Jamaican Diaspora MOVEMENT is the people who will play significant roles in strengthening Jamaica.

The Jamaican Diaspora MOVEMENT is a historic opportunity for everyone to make their impact on how Jamaica will be shaped in years to come. This movement will not be a one time or a short term process; it will be a movement that will continue until Jamaica is strengthen, well positioned and regarded as one of the leading nations in the world. Many individuals and organizations representing several states within our region have already come aboard to be part of what they feel is a historic opportunity to make a difference.

We therefore, invite you to join us in what will be remembered as a historic time in the history of the county of Jamaica. We need your involvement, expertise, resources and financial support. There are several committees' and projects developed and underway, that needs your assistance. The work before us requires thousand of individuals working together collectively to make a difference. So, come join us in this the Jamaican Diaspora MOVEMENT, "Unleashing the Potential" of all of us who have a deep love for Jamaica the country we love.

For additional information and how you can get involve call 773-721-1207

Jamaica Diaspora MWW

P.O. Box 81292

Chicago, Illinois 60681-0292

The Jamaican Diaspora is counting on you to help us make a difference.

Best regards,

Valerie C. Beckley

Advisory Board Member

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