Saturday, April 1, 2017

A Successful Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs are a unique breed. They have decided to charter their own course instead of following the templet set out in front of them. So, what are the keys to their success? Why are they unique? If you would like to be a successful entrepreneur, here are some suggestions that should be in your mindset:
1.       Put yourself in the game. You can’t win if you are on the sidelines.

2.       Don’t wait to be rescued; build your own raft. No spouse, no friend or parent can help you do the work. If you want a flat stomach, you will have to do the daily sit ups.

3.       Don’t wait for someone to give you the answers. How do you know what they are telling you is right for you and not their agenda? Create your own blueprint and be your own hero.

4.       Take the risk. Many will ask why you would do that. Don’t live your life by what others think. You will limit yourself for other people’s happiness and their comfort zone.

5.        Remember this is an inside job that begins with self-image. Who you are authentically, will be who you are successfully. Capitalize on your uniqueness.

6.       Don’t spend, invest. Going to network events, conventions and seminars will cost money. However, look at the rewards. You might meet a good mentor, clients and many other opportunities that you never considered. For what you purchased, look at what you gained.

7.       Believe in yourself and worth. Many disconnect with yourself because you don’t know your power.  It is not unusual; to see elephants being led by a small person or a domesticated lion is being pushed around in animal sanctuaries. A long time ago someone trained these large beasts to be grateful and dependent.  Is that you?

8.       Say yes to your desires. Don’t say no or maybe. When will you get up and live your life of abundance? When someone says no, don’t be ok with that. No one should settle for crumbs or scraps from the table. Leave that scarce mentally alone.

9.       Always have integrity. Practice what you preach.  If you don’t, that very person you messed up will not be silent and your misbehavior will impact future clients. Don’t mess up your future by not following through. The world is small and the internet is large.

10.   Connect with the bigger purpose. Yes, you want a nice paycheck but everything has a price and your happiness will cost you. Why price are you willing to pay? Always try to be ethical and have values. Now ask yourself: “how committed am I to get what I want?”

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Green Island Primary

The Green Island Primary School is located in Green Island, Hanover a small district forty five minutes west of the Donald Sangster International airport.  The school was built in 1920 to accommodate the district’s children. Soon after the population started growing and an additional building was erected.  Sometime in 2013 the original building was leaking and help was sought from the ministry of education which provided a tarp. 

The school's capacity had exceeded all the buildings and Mr. Vacianna Moseley principal sought help from Food For The Poor along with COUPLES Hotel who joined and gave the school two new two story buildings.  This was ten new classrooms.  Except for one second grade class everyone has their own room. There are approximately five hundred and eighty three to six hundred children on any given day.

 There is a lot of poverty in the district as most people depend on the tourist industry for work. I find that when children do not come to school there is always a situation with finances.  The school has in place a program to provide every child who cannot afford to buy lunch a free hot meal.  It seems to be helping as more children are coming to school more than they used to.

The school has grown so much and is now the school of choice for many families as the increase in better High school placement increases.  There is a group of dedicated teachers who are all working toward one goal "The Children's Education." Under Mr. Moseley the school has outmatched most of the others around it.  It is also easier for a parent to see the principal as he is an easy to talk to person who helps the teachers and parents alike with their daily issues.  Green Island Primary is an up and coming school.  

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Before you marry...

February 14th is Valentine’s Day

Before you dye the shoes to match the dress, send out the wedding invitations or buy that $2,000 wedding dress, make sure this is the right person to grow old with in marriage. Life is too short and there is no reason to settle for what you really don’t want. When you truly know your worth, there is no need to accept less than what you deserve. Look within and ask these 10 questions:

1. Where is this going?
Living in the "now" is great, but eventually the partnership will need a plan or someone will begin to feel anxious. Are you checking in with one another and aware of the other person's expectations?

2. Do I really trust my partner?
For some, the immediate response to this can be devastating. If you're one of them, it's time to ask why and how you can begin to build or rebuild trust. Without it, there's no chance.

3. Am I with a good person?
Knowing what you know about your partner today, would you vouch for them if they were a friend?

4. Am I attracted to my partner?
Physical attraction is hardly the most important component in a relationship, but forcing yourself to be in a relationship with someone who you're not attracted to — just because it's comfortable or "perfect on paper" isn't fair to anyone. You will feel resentful and they will feel rejected.

5. Am I a parent or a partner?
Taking care of someone you love is a great thing to do, but when you feel like you're raising a boyfriend — or worse, a husband — things get a little complicated. You'll resent his childish ways. Who wants to sleep with their mom?

6. Does my partner have my back?
Do you feel like you're a part of a loyal team who stands up for one another, supports one another, and shows a united front (even when the other is not around)? Or, do you feel like you're constantly being thrown under the bus by your mate?

7. Are we looking in the same direction?
Some couples avoid having the big talks (religion, marriage, babies) because they think that, somehow, these things will just "work themselves out". By the time they realize they won't, they're in a complicated, painful situation that leaves one (or both) feeling a little bit duped. If you want kids and your partner thinks you're both "living in the now" and fine with the status quo you're both doing yourselves and one another a disservice (and wasting time).

8. Are we growing together?
Being a human being living on this earth, we all have a right to grow and develop, and create a full life for ourselves. Are you and your partner still indulging in your passions (individual and shared) and growing as individuals?

9. Am I still me?
Being in love with someone should not require changing our identity to fit someone else's idea of who we should be, on any level.

10. What is my gut telling me?

Do you feel like this relationship is healthy and moving at a healthy pace in a positive direction? You have intuition for a reason. Listen to yourself.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

7 Trends in the business world

A New Year means new beginnings. As an entrepreneur, what product or service can you provide to the island, to the diaspora or the world? Greatness is in you so let’s pull it out of your mind and into something tangible. Here are some ideas for you to consider:
1.        1. The printing paradigm has changed; we now have 3D printing. Computers can now print molds, jewelry and plastics. If you are a graphic designer, can collect residuals each time your products are printed.
2.      2.  Robotics and automatons is the rave. There is an emerging market in the hospitality utilizing robots. Tourism is vital to the Jamaican economy and they will do the manual labor. Who will do the programming for the robot?
3.     3.    A gig workforce is the new trend. This will be agencies for you to seek employment. i.e.  Become a virtual assistant.
4.     4.    Pay attention to cyber security. Concern yourself with Doxing. Doxing is when people intentionally hack your computer and release your confidential information. Can we say: Ashley Madison?  If you are a business owner, make sure your cloud information is safe. If you are an IT person, this is an area of demand.
5.     5.    Business owners must have new payment options. You limit yourself with the being cash only business. Conduct payment in square, equipment for credit card, Have EMV chip technology and Omni commerce technology.
6.     6.    Delivery services are on the rise. Here are some popular site:, and
7.       7.  Online learning is on the rise.  More and more schools are offering schools online if you can’t attend their brick and mortar campus. You can even learn for free from You Tube clips and GCF Learning.